Hows your purse ban been going so far????

  1. Its been rough for me......

    I want to SO the Lockit in Damier... so once they allow ban will go out the window....:P Heres hoping it will be much later...much much....Just when I though I could let go....LV pulls me back in....bastards.....:lol:

    How are you guys holding up....bought anything on your ban yet???:graucho:
  2. I've been very far! :angel:
  3. I am waiting to hear from my SA in regards to a SO damier lockit .. will let you know what happens:yes: I am not on a ban just can't decide what to purchase:lol: plus I want to see what the miroir pap looks like IRL.
  4. DH granted me a reprieve from my purse ban this morning. lol. I will get back on it soon. ;)lol.
  5. im on ban for 3 days!! yeah!!
  6. It's been going great actually. I got so busy with work and other stuff in life that I don't have that much time to focus on getting more bags.
  7. I broke the ban within a week. I really do believe that I will stick to it from now on. There is nothing that I really feel I must have right now. Although, I still have some things on my wishlist, I can wait for them.
  8. enabler in our mist...bless you...plz let me know about the lockit in Damie.....:love:

    Miroir Pap sounds divine....:graucho:
  9. I broke my ban last week... :whistle: But I did say if I saw a cheap epi speedy, I'd have to go for it when I put myself on a ban! :biggrin: So I guess I'm not TECHNICALLY breaking it ... I can get through 6 weeks, right!?

    I talked to my SA about the damier lockit and she said the piece had to be out 6 months before they would consider SOs (but I read somewhere here today 2 years? :shrugs: ), so she said to check back in March and she might have a better idea. I'm not very close with her though, so I'd be interested to see what you guys are told!
  10. so far so good...
    but its like the ban is making me itch for more!!!
    been tryin to sell some of the bags that I haven't used in a long while...
    just to justify my wanting to buy one more...
  11. NOT good.:hysteric:I just broke mine an hour ago.:cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  12. oo what did you get??

    I'm on a denim ban =/ not a purse ban
  13. :nuts: What was the piece that broke it????:graucho:
  14. Denim/Alligator Sac Fermoir :upsidedown: :shocked:
  15. I´ve been on a ban for such a short time and still it´s been so hard. Hopefully I´ll stay strong.