How's your Marquises after months/years of use?

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  1. Hello Marquises owners!

    I'm thinking of getting a Marquises. Since Marquises are significantly more expensive, I want to ask how it is after months/years of use. I have decided on getting sky blue. Let me know if you experienced color transfers as well.

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I have had mine for 1 year on. Bought it from Paris last year Apr and I have used it since.... maybe 10 times? It is still flawless, the hard base and feet at the bottom of the bag definitely helps. Mine is dark blue and so far I am really happy with it =)
  3. Thanks for the quick review, Layn! Glad to hear that it's holding up well. Still thinking if I should get one... Especially since I just bought a Balenciaga ;)
    Thanks again! :smile:
  4. Mine is black with brown trim. I've had it over a year. It's perfect. I have several bags and rotate a lot so use hasn't been consistent but I believe it would still be great.
  5. Thanks PinkInTheBlue! :smile:
    Honestly, I was hesitant to pulling the trigger on the Marquises. It suddenly dawned on me that I will be paying so much for a well-constructed canvas bag. Don't get me wrong - I am still a big fan of the brand. It's just I have limited resources so I can only buy one purse that I HAVE to be TRULY happy with. Goyard and Balenciaga are both on my wish list. Balenciaga won my budget for this year.
    Hoping Marquises would still be available but I am also wishing for a GM-sized Artois.
    Thanks again for the review! :smile:
  6. Does the Artois come in more than one size?
  7. As far as I know, Artois is only at PM size.
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