How's your LV year this year compared to last?

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  1. Last year at this time I had already bought:

    Pomme Roxbury Drive -Jan 17
    Azur Speedy 25 -Feb 19
    Azur Mini Pochette - April 2

    Today I just bought my first LV of the year and it's already April 11th! The last LV I bought was my Monogram Keepall 45 with strap way back on November 29th! :wtf: And the last LV purse I bought was my Antigua Cabas MM way back on June 16th! So I've really slowed down since last year. How about everyone else? :nuts:

    I haven't received my new LV yet but I will post pics when it arrives. :graucho:
  2. I didn't buy a single LV piece in 2007. This year, so far, I've gotten a Bowling Montaigne PM in black
  3. Well I thought it had been really slow but when I checked my showcase they are about equal last year I had bought 19 items up until April this year so far 17
  4. I just purchased my first ever LV back in August of 2007. I then purchased an Agenda in November of 2007.
    So far I havn't purchased anything yet in 08, but I plan on purchasing atleast one over the summer if I can find it!:biggrin:
  5. I haven't bought any LV this year so far. Last LV purchase was Damier Brazza for DBF's anniversary present. That was back in September, I think. Before that, I had bought a Neverfull PM and a Pomme Inclusion GM.
  6. I have bought more this year I think because last year I was buying some Gucci
  7. It's been slower this year so far ... but then the yummy colors of Bbags are calling my name, though I'm sure I'll catch up with Louie ... he's always been my first love and you know what they say ~ First Love Never Dies!
  8. Last year:
    01-07 (Birthday gifts) = Epi Alma (black), Damier Speedy
    02-07 = Monogram Pochette
    04-07 = Soupcon GM Sunnies in gray glitter
    05-07 = Damier Azur Speedy
    06-07= Epil Turenne PM (ivory)

    This year:
    01-07 (birthday gift) = Vernis Sunset Boulevard (Amarante)

    Yes :girlsigh:it has been a slow year........
  9. this year I am much more behaved...amen.......berkley, alma epi and a T&B charm....just have to ignore that little voice that says, "you need one more bag" year before most of my collection...gulp....
  10. I thouhgt this was slower, but in total I have spent a lot more. I think.
  11. Thank God for bans. Last year by this time I had bought too many bags and accessories--off the top of my head: mono Ipod cover, MV heart, Framboise agenda, Denim Baggy, Mini pochette, Fuschia Neo Speedy, Bronze Reade, various key chains, bandeau, etc.. So far this year zero bags and only 3 accessories: Silver and Pomme heart, gold cosmetic case.
  12. I don't buy lots... but last year at this time I had bought nothing... I think I might have gotten my MC Speedy around May...and my MC Rita around that time.. but thats it.

    This year.. I have moved towards the higher priced LV's...and with that new VIC bag, I am pretty sure I am only buying three bags this year.. I already got the ManCrazy... then the VIC bag...and then one bag from the Fall/Winter 08 line..then I am done!
  13. This month is my one-year anniversary with LV! I don't have anything to compare this year with, but I definitely progressed from moderately priced to super-expensive bags! However, I did buy 4 new purses in my first 3 months (April to July), then I slowed down greatly. I'm not sure what next year will be like!
  14. i only started out this year 2008.
  15. I haven't bought any LV handbags at all this year. Still buying up accessories and Inclusions in bulk though :lol: Just not as frequent as before!