How's your Groom holding up? Any regrets?

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  1. So, I am planning to get a groom wallet and would like to know if anyone regrets getting her/his groom piece. I know the pic has a tendency to rub off so that's my concern. I'd love to hear your story - how long you've had your piece, how you use it and how well your pic has held up. Thank you!
  2. I've had my groom cles a year and a half and it hasn't chipped at all.

    Some people are more careless/careful than others with their LV items. I saw a groom cles last week on e*ay that was chipped all to hell, barely even recognizable, and they wanted $279 for it!! They even had the nerve to say "Offering for quite a bit less than retail." No, retail was $200 on that cles when it came out, liars. God I hate ebay sometimes. Anyway. This is the auction.

    It looked like someone had kept it jammed in their pocket next to keys and coins or something.

    My point is that any of these screenprinted items will show wear if you abuse them. But care for them, and they sill stay beautiful. My oldest LV (Feb 06) is a white multicolor wallet and not a single speck has chipped off, and yes it has been used.
  3. i don't have any Groom pieces, but would love to have 1 or 2!!
  4. My groom piece is doing great and I attach it to my keys and use it to hold coins and dollars!
  5. I have the key and change holder and so far so good!
  6. i have the groom wallet, and its showing a couple of spots with tiny chipping of the print (but its miniscule)... i didnt abuse it but i did use it everyday for a few months... i decided to let it rest for now... its not bad though, barely noticeable
  7. My groom cles is ok but my groom wallet has chipped. Still no regrets about it.
  8. my agenda has a little rubbing. i just plan on getting another one to swap it around with.
  9. God that item on *bay is bad...

    I thought the Groom colection was always very cute.
  10. I've had the cles for a year+ and he's always hooked to the d-ring of whatever purse I'm using. I've been using the agenda as a notebook, so like the cles, I'm never without it. Both pieces look as good as the day they were purchased. You should check out comments and pictures in the "Ding Dong" Clubhouse thread.

  11. Wow. I cannot believe my eyes. This is the exact SAME groom key holder that I bought from a guy in Canada last year and he refused to refund me after taking very deceiving photos that did not show any damage. I resold it to this current seller at a very very low price... I hate ripoffs. And the guy who sold that cles to me is a complete TERD! :P Joking..
  12. My Blue groom wallet has a tiny bit of a chip on the suitcase and maybe another fleck here or there, but my cles which I have used EVERYDAY without fail for almost two years now has some minimal wear on the suitcase all over, and some rubbing on the white stripe on the front and back and some brown showing underneath, I hardly obsess over taking care of it, but I definitely don't abuse it. It does have a house and car key attached to it though which is why I think it has rubbed a bit. I don't use my VVN cles, agenda or ronde really too often so they are all still perfect.
  13. I have the majority of the Groom line and I have not experienced any fading or Groom deterioration. I think it depends on 2 things, the way you treat the item and the climate that your items are stored in. I generally use my Cles or Rond the most, attached to the exterior of bag. When not in use, all of my items are stored in their dust bags, inside of their original boxes.
  14. My groom pouchette wallet looks like new...bought it new when it was first released and use it is my only LV walllet...wish I would have picked up an, whimiscal and unique line.....GL
  15. i have the cles and bought it pre problems at all with it and i use it daily!!!