How's your GOATSKIN Metallic Bowler holding up?

  1. OK ladies, I just got my goatskin metallic bowler on Saturday (I'll post pics when I get home) and I absolutely ADORE it :yahoo:.

    Here's my question(s), how are they holding up? I know they are stiffer than the deerskin, but I really want to know how the top part (sides of the zipper) is holding up. Is yours caved in, crushed, anything? Do you think it's a hardy bag? Do you think it's going to be something that's going to look beautiful with regular use for years to come, or do you think it's going to look creased and worn?

    Please post your opinions and also is you have it and it's not holding up well, can you post pics?

    Thank you all so very much :flowers: .
  2. I worry about this too on the goatskin. The tag is still on mine. All I have done is put my belongings inside and carried it around a few times and already the leather pieces on both sides of the zipper (the "domed part") have developed "bumps" or "waves", for lack of a better word. Because the top is so wide and the leather isn't pliable it doesn't look as perfectly smooth in that area as when it arrived a few weeks ago. I can definitely see the front, back and bottom holding up, and possibly even the sides if they don't bump into things, but the top I feel is going to get pretty messy. Stuffing it when not in use may help to keep the top from caving in, but it won't bring the leather back to that smooth condition it had when first purchased.
  3. So the deerskin would not have this problem?
  4. No, the deerskin is soft and pliable. The domed part falls into the bag but the leather doesn't look messy. All of the pictures of black metallic bowlers in here have been new and pristine. Molls and I would like members to post pics of theirs after some frequent use.
  5. here is a picture of my bag.

    i've had it for about a month. I carry it out about 3-4 days a week. it looks a little mangled because i took it out clubbing on saturday night. i didn't mean to... somehow "dinner" led to a whole night of bar hopping. :P


    but anyway, back to the bag. the zipper has descended a little... but i smoosh it under my arm all the time so that might be why.

    let me know if you would like more pictures.
    bag2.jpg bag1.jpg
  6. Thanks Jeshika! You're a doll! :biggrin:

    Your bag still looks lovely, but my mind is made up. I love my deerskin bowler and am keeping it! Sheesh, somebody shoot me!! How long did I blab on in here about wanting the metallic bowler, and now that I have it I'm sending it back. I'm going to try out the black deerskin tote instead and see how that fares.

    LOL about your bowler going clubbing. I'll bet it still has a hangover!! :smile:
  7. :wtf: roey - you thought about selling your Luxe Bowler??? Helen frowns on you... :roflmfao: BUT I'm so glad that you've decided to keep it!!! :wlae: jeshika - your bowler is :drool: material - I love it!!!!
  8. I know!!! I feel sooooo bad. I usually take a smaller, less special bag out. i guess i just didn't plan for the night. :shame:

    I'm sure your metallic bowler will find a loving home! :flowers:
  9. roey, I'm glad you decided on one. Was it not too long ago that you thought about keeping both? :P

    Molls, I've had my bowler since July (I think!), and I wouldn't say the top is crushed, but it is starting to cave in a bit. One of the sides is a little wavy/mis-shapen, too. I always stuff it with tissue paper when I store it. I don't think it detracts from the bag at all though. It definitely does look worse in the pictures than in real life. :yes:

    Here are pictures that I took for roey last week when she had the same question.
    shape1.jpg shape3.jpg shape4.jpg
  10. NOT GOOD! The top of my silver bowler has collapsed in, when the top is zipped shut, it looks like a deep valley from side to side. When the top is left open, both sides collapse in making it look triangular in shape, like a pyramid. So, basically, I'd say it's not holding up like I thought it would for the price of 2160. plus tax. For this very reason, I am selling my black metallic bowler (goatskin) that I have never used, still has it's original stuffing. Don't get me wrong, the goatskin leather is extremely durable, not a single scratch or scuff on this bag, but the way the leather has worn down is disappointing. The only part of the bag that still looks the same is the bottom!
  11. I was going to take the tag off my bag last night but didn't get a chance to do so yet. I'm not sure I'm going to keep it as I don't think a bag that costs over $2k should be collapsing. It's a gorgeous bag all brand new and shiny and I love it, but I wonder if I'm still going to love it after a lot of use.

    Thanks everyone for your comments and pictures :flowers: .
  12. My black metallic is being returned to Saks in Boca Raton today.

    I am keeping my black deerskin bowler which is TDF! I'm glad I had the chance to experience both leathers on the luxe bowler but honestly, the goatskin is much better suited to the flap, which I already own.

    I have a new bag on the way which is $510 less than the bowler, which I already made a pretty decent sized payment on. So the new bag is practically paid for - yay!
  13. I agree with Roey. The deerskin bowler is perfect. I have been using my bowler for 3 days straight now and I don't see any wear and tear on the top part. The deerskin leather is so soft that it forms to the way the bag sits, therefore leaving no creases. I am happy too and recommend the deerskin to anyone who might still be contemplating buying the bowler. My friend ordered one from NM yesterday and they told her that there are only a couple left :yes:
  14. A little off topic but what's the difference between goatskin and deerskin?

  15. Goat is stiff and not very pliable. Deer is thick and very pliable.