How's your German? German Elle August 07

  1. I'm bored at work so I've been perusing our library (mostly looking for haircut ideas :p) and I came across this watch and article in German Elle from August 07. I don't speak German :push:, but the pics are still nice to look at...
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. That looks similar to Hello's bag.
  3. Thanks for the pix, Abby!
  4. Love the watch. But I like the version without diamond more.
  5. Translation for your reading pleasure. I don't have the patience to do all the text, so I just did the bit next to the watch and the large-print next to the birkin. Enjoy!

    You are looking for a new classic? The "kelly" watch from Hermes with 52 diamonds is one. From 3300 Euros.

    She is a character-actress, who masters unlimited number of rolls, whether expensive attitude, rigor of a diva or dependability of a governess. Glamorous or reserved, one thing is the birkin-bag always, elegant beyond measure. The portrait of an extraordinary talent...
  6. Thanks, tods!!! :tup:
  7. ^^ Thank you for the wonderful scans!

    Now question for the leather experts, what color/leather combo is that birkin?
  8. I was going to help with the german!! You beat me Tods!!!

    I can't ID the leather though :push:
  9. For a second there I forgot tPF's solid german connections. :sweatdrop: I hope my translation is up to yours and Vlad's standards!
  10. cut was already translated
  11. same reason!!! doing double work :smile:
  12. Hee, that sounds like something Hermes' own copy writers would have written.

    That bag almost looks like Epsom, but not quite...smaller grains. I wonder if it's an older bag?
  13. I was going to say Epsom, too, but I can't see the photos in HG's leather book in the reference section on my computer at work. There are a few other leathers with the grain embossed on them, right?
  14. I would say it's epsom in cognac but does cognac also come with white topstitch? If not, then epsom in gold I guess. Definitely epsom.
  15. Ich Möchte ein fruhstuck mit Käse and zwei Brotchen...
    I'm on lesson 5 of the Assimil method! :p