How's your Chocolate Muse holding up?

  1. I am thinking of exchanging my large black Muse to a Chocolate since I already have a few other black YSL bags (including a black XL muse). I was curious how your Chocolate muses are holding up? It seems that the black holds better over time (and understandably so since it's well, black!) and I know the rubs on the corner on the Chocolate actually turn into a pink-ish color. So how often do you use your Chocolate and how has the color held up compared to when you had it new? I absolutely ADORE the color though, so I'm getting psyched at adding a new gorgeous color to my YSL collection :smile:
  2. Well, I have the muse in orange and the color around the corners had rubbed off a little, but is now OK thanks to the Apple Guard cleaner or lotion. It does have a few water (snow?) spots that are darker, but are not visible from afar, only if you look very closely.

    I am tough on my bags, so even though the white muse and white downtown look lovely, I know they would not stay white very long.:shame:

    Chocolate is a great color! I think the color should hold up very good!
  3. Thanks for your thought. My SA said he could refurbish/ polish it for me once it's been used and I see some scuffs, so I feel better now. I'm sure the Black will hold up better, but that Chocolate color is so amazing!