How's this prada?

  1. Its the only one left at the prada store and it seems pretty versatile. Been raining a lot and need an all weather nylon shoulder bag now. My LVs are on an imposed hibernation LOL Its so pretty IRL and wondering what you guys think? Its the Tessuto large Quiltin.
    PradaTessuto Quiltin Large.jpg
  2. I think Bluefly has that one today. Check it out. I like it!
  3. For nylon bags, I like that one too. I like its shape and its lines. For its simplicity, I say get it but if you can get a better deal on BF, def go for that instead!
  4. Thanks! Your opinions really matter to me!!! :yahoo:
  5. So did you wind up buying it on bf? I was on their website not too long ago and noticed it wasn't available. Hope you got it at that great deal!!
  6. I had this reserved at the Prada boutique and i can get it at 10% off since I have a VIP card. I live in Asia and bf doesnt ship international but correct me if im wrong. Im not big on the nylon pradas but this style looks different from their regular nylon bags. Love the quilt detailing and how soft and comfy it feels. The gold hardware makes it look so chic too. I havent really seen anyone carrying this bag yet. Well, not in my country so far. Have you seen anyone carry this style?
  7. ^DARN!!!! U have a VIP CARD??LMAO!
    I oughtta have one of those...heehee..I WISH!
  8. Where I live, I haven't seen anyone carrying this style whatsoever. Yea, I dig this bag and it's quilting. If I didn't snatch that red gauffre wallet from them, I would have possibly considered getting one or the one w/ the chain handle.

    Dang! How did you manage to score a VIP card?? :nuts:
  9. Prada and Gucci are owned by a reputable department store here in my country. Its sort of like Saks or Neimans in the US and when we reach an amount of at least $1,000 worth of purchases from the store within a year, we instantly get the card that entitles us to a 10% discount, including the Gucci and Prada boutiques. Great deal huh? :graucho: I love the one with the chain handle too but they didnt have it anymore! Im getting the bag tomorrow and will post pics! DH loves it but obviously he feels its too much for a nylon bag but the quilted bags are such beauties! Its totally different from the regular nylon bags that they have. Im glad Prada is re-inventing its image with their nylons especially with the gold hardware and new logo as I really cannot afford the leather ones just yet :crybaby:
  10. Well that's such a neat concept! I think a lot of members here would definitely be getting the vip card if we had something like that here (do we? :confused1:). I can't wait to see your pics too! Looks like it holds quite a lot w/o looking too bulky.