How's the weather where you are now?

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  1. Well, the kids are back to school and Fall is upon us so I was wondering how the weather is like where you all are now? I'll start.....I'm on the East Coast and the past 2 weeks were unseasonable cool! I'm talkin' about having to put the HEAT on at night cool, but this week it's been a couple of fall days and now it's like summer again. We're supposed to get temps in the 80's this weekend, how wierd is that? I love the Fall but it drives me nuts with this see-saw weather. I never know what to put the kids in for school! How about you all?;)
  2. it's going to get 90 today in chicago so I got my bikini with me - and after work i'll enjoy the beach :yahoo:
  3. Sadly its chilly here in San Francisco - clear skies but there are rainclouds. Supposed to rain tomorrow - on my best friend's wedding day!

  4. Oh gosh! I love SF and know what you mean about the chilly weather. Hope the weather does a 180 and turn out to be sunny with no clouds in the sky and a beautiful 70 degrees!
  5. Believe it or not, here in the driest place one earth, its RAINING and a little chilly...well for me-its actually 85 degrees lol.
  6. It's going to be in the low 90s here...I can't wait for it to cool down so tired of the hot and humid weather.
  7. It is 81 degrees and partly sunny in Myrtle Beach, SC today. It's usually much warmer this time of year. We had tons of rain yesterday, so I guess that's why it's cooler.
  8. It's going to about 82 degrees too...but it's supposed to be cooler next week. Fall is a coming!!
  9. I'm so jealous at most of you...
    It's been all chilly and rainy the last two weeks, but today the morning was very very cold and when I got back from school it was HOT.
    Really weird, but indeed, fall is coming... I can't wait for spring, because after spring is summer... and I love the summer.
  10. I am in South Florida and it's 85 F. but it's very cloudy with a 50% chance of rain. Storm season, i guess...
  11. here in saudi arabia its High: 105° Low: 82°
    it got cooler this week than the past weeks.. it actually became cool enough to be able to walk outside during the night.. which i should do instead of my lousy treadmill! :p
    caaant wait till winter starts roaring!! God i love winter nights!! :heart:
  12. Cold 57 F & cloudy and it's going to get colder :tdown:
  13. It's in the early 80's in Philadelphia and I love this weather!

  14. AWESOME!! :tup:
  15. 72 in Nor Cal right now! I love Fall so much!