How's the sale doing??

  1. Hey ladies!! Have any of you gone to Gucci in the past 2 weeks?? Do they still have alot of sale items or are they all gone?? Are the Fall products out yet?? I was there on the day of the sale and I didn't get to see any of the Fall products :sad: .
    btw: i'm from vancouver b.c. canada!
  2. I was there Saturday. They still had alot of Sale stuff when I was in at good deals. I didn't really nlooks around much, but I didn't see much fall stuff.
  3. Does anyone know when they'll be making additional discounts on the current sale? I read it on the board somewhere but I can't find it now...
  4. I was at Gucci today and the SA told me that no additional markdowns will be taken. I wonder if she was correct.:hrmm:
  5. do you ladies know how long the sale is suppose to last? :smile:
  6. i think it'll go on until its sold out, or until the full fall line is out.
  7. my mom got shoes and i got a laptop case for only 100 something, which is really worth it :biggrin:
  8. wow! your laptop case sounds like such a great deal! :smile: do post pics if u can :smile: