How's the quality of SImply Vera by Vera Wang bags?

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  1. I am smitten by this Simply Vera bag on Kohl's right now. Has anybody ever bought her bags? How's the quality? Especially if you're used to designer bags?

    Or maybe you know of another similar looking bag? ;)

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  2. I have had one a long time ago. I never had any problems.
  3. I've been drawn to a couple of her bags in the past, but the fake leather aspect of the line always kept me from buying. Is that leather by the way?
  4. I think I've seen this, it's fake leather. They're made pretty well, but wait till they have a good sale on them, the original price isn't worth it for fake leather. There's real leather bags too, but they're usually plainer than the fake leather. This particular bag came in so many nice colors.
  5. hmmmmm looks a bit like Lanvin
  6. it's on sale now! $49.50!
  7. They're pretty but I felt they looked cheap and were overpriced.
  8. Yeah I was wondering if they looked cheap IRL? So not carrying a cheap looking bag. DOn't mind the price though hahaha! but it looks good right?
  9. have you seen it in real life?
  10. I saw this bag the other day (IRL) and if you are going to buy it, I would wait until it goes on super sale. It is cute, but I would wait for the price to go down lower.
  11. I bought one two years ago - one of Oprah's favorite items, a beautiful framed black satchel, in fact, I couldn't take my eyes off it :love:. I used it about 5 times, then dropped it accidently that caused the frame to come off. :tdown:
  12. Oh my goodness! that's bad. I think I may pass.
  13. My friend has one that she received as a gift (not from me) a few years ago. It was her workhorse bag, and she really doesn't baby her bags at all (she's not a purse fanatic like the rest of us). To give you an idea, she's actually worn holes through some of her thick canvas bags and has managed to break Target purses. I know that doesn't say much, but when was the last time you actually broke a purse within 2 weeks of buying it? (no major drops or anything like that).

    Her bag has held up surprisingly well, and it still looks quite good today. The leather wasn't as gorgeous as other designer leathers I've come across, but it's no worse than the usual fare at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I know for a fact that hers was NOT a faux leather one, though.
  14. I work at Kohl's. My mother actually bought a Simply Vera bag and it's held up really well.

    But I would wait until they go clearance or when theyre on sale during power hours (which is normally from 3-11 pm on designated Fridays and 7-1pm on Saturdays).