how's the price on eLuxury?

  1. Hi girls, I'm from Houston and there is a LV boutique in houston galleria. The thing is I went ahead and ordered a multicolor PTI on eluxury without checking the boutique in galleria and now someone told me it's cheaper in the store :wtf:. is that true?
  2. eLuxury and the store will always have the same prices. eLuxury is owned by LVMH, the parent company of Louis Vuitton, so you can rest easy that the prices are the same.

    Depending upon where you live there is no sales tax when you order from eLuxury. In addition, you can use e-bates and get an additional % off when you order from them.

    I think in Texas you pay no sales tax when ordering from eLux. Those of us in California do. :crybaby:
  3. Hey fellow Houstonian! Whoever told you it was cheaper in the store is wrong. You made the better move in fact ordering through elux because you don't have to pay tax! WHOO HOO!
  4. same price
  5. They should be the same price.
  6. Do people in Illinois have to pay tax? just curious:flowers:
  7. No, I live in IL and we don't pay the tax. I love elux......... And, now they are offering 4% cash back through ******.
  8. just a reminder, the only states that have to pay tax on eluxury are California and Tennessee.
  9. Everyone is right the prices are ALWAYS the same ...unless elux makes a goof on the prices again like they did awhile back. Was that on an agenda?? Does anyone remember?
  10. ditto. :lol:
  11. woohoo! another houston native! welcome =) If you do not want to purchase from the Houston Galleria store nor eluxury. you could always do a special order through Saks Fifth Avenue that way you won't have to pay tax and the shipping is flat rate which could be less than eluxury's depending on what you buy.
  12. Same price, but CA and TN residents pay tax. So very good deal if you don't like in those states.
  13. Mississippi might have to as well as my latest eLux purchase (LV Groom keyholder) was sent from there instead.