hows the fall leather now?? good time to get a black first?

  1. hey bbag lovers!

    i was wondering if balenciaga switched back to the "old" leather cuz im really desperate for a black first! thanks so much! :tender:
  2. Saw F06 black city and work bags yesterday. The leather is slightly softer, thicker than F05. IMO, the F05 and F06 black bags are both nice. I would not say the switch is to the old "old" leather.
  3. I just got a new black First fall 06 yesterday. It's a definite keeper. I held out on getting any 06 blacks until fall and I am glad I did (I returned two black Cities this spring and gave up until fall). I liked the leather so much that I just ordered the black city.
  4. I just bought a new black first, but I am actually thinking of possibly returning it because the leather still seems really thin and prone to scratches (see below). I don't know, the texture is a lot better, but it's still thin... What do you think?
    first1.jpg first2.jpg first3.jpg first4.jpg first5.jpg
  5. avery: that is a fall 06 first?? The leather looks great to me! Albeit, the thinness may be an issue.. that's how I feel about my magenta first.. and I find myself using it less often because I'm afraid of ripping the leather (I found two tiny rips near the straps already!!). But definitely, it looks fabulouse compared to the spring bags..
  6. is she a little dry? the last picture looks that way. i bought a tano that was like that (for 150, i don't mind).
  7. ^^She's not dry yet, but I could see her getting that way. I like the look of this leather--I just wish it was a bit thicker! It is definitely better than the s/s '06 one I bought and returned though. I guess I'll have to wait and see. (It's from HR, so I still have time to return it!).
  8. where did you purchase your 06fall black bags? has balny received them?
  9. I bought it from Holt Renfrew in Vancouver, Canada, but from what I've heard BalNY doesn't have them yet, although I think Barney's might.
  10. Yes, Barneys has the black F06 bags in stock.
  11. I think the leather on your first is gorgy :love:
  12. i think it looks really good. not veiny or shiny! :heart:
  13. Hmm... you guys think the black First/City will get thicker in 2007? I'm willing to hold out my urges... :graucho:
  14. Thanks for the compliments--she really appreciates it! :love: :love: :love:
  15. IMO, I don't think the leathers will ever go back to being exactly what they were because b-bags are so popular now that they have to be mass-produced and that changes the quality to some extent. I think they are still great, just not the same.