How's Petusco handbag

  1. I saw a beatiful handbag in TJ and the brand name is Petusco, made in Spain, not cheap at all. I've never heard about this brand. Does anybody know this brand? Is it very famous and high quality?:confused1:
  2. hmmm, not really...never heard this one...
    i've seen the example of handbag but its not really my taste..
  3. They have a website. Have you seen it?

    It looks like they make shoes too. Also, they have been written up in the Spanish editions of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. They must be one of the European brands that hasn't quite found it's way to the US. TJ Maxx seems to get a lot of those. You find all these bags from these obscure European brands that are just so nice. It's like finding hidden treasure!
  4. The bags look cute as do the shoes. I'd want to see them in real life though.
  5. Hey ArmCandyLuvr, thank you for your comments. I decided to buy it. The one I got is really nice, the color are mainly black with some orange decoration belts in the front.
  6. I also saw a Petusco handbag recently for the first time. I saw it in Marshalls. It had royal blue leather trim and was on sale for about $75 or so (I don't recall the exact price). It was mainly fabric with the logo of the horse. I, too, was not familiar with it, but I thought it was very nice. I saw an ad in UNICA magazine #18 from 2006 (it is a magazine published in Spain - and a very nice magazine, too, featuring fashion, interior design, etc.) and the Petusco bag in the ad is trimmed in fuschia. The add directs the reader to the Petusco website (
  7. I've seen their brand once in a while at Marshalls and I thought they were all nice.
  8. I saw a Petusco bag yesterday in an antique and vintage collections store. I was impressed, as the leather seemed to be of good quality -- Spanish leather embossed on bag. It was black with mock-crocodile handles and trim. It was in mint condition and only $30.00. I should have gotten it, but wanted to know more about the bags. Went online and found that these bags are expensive and highly regarded in terms of quality and craftmanship. I hope it's still there when I go back!
  9. I also found a leather Petusco bag(hobo). It's really nice, well built. Mine has a snake skin shoulder strap so I'm cleaning the bag parts separately.(I'll try to post a picture)