How's doing the best job in LV??

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    Out of Everyone here....who's doing the best job? I listed mainly the designers...not assistants or random staff....

    For me I think the Textiles coordinator Lepoutre and Commeau are doing a good job with * I'm assuming* the development of Mini Lin, Damier Azur, and Denim bags, Mirior, trompe L'oliel and monogram ame a few...
  2. I would say Marc Jacobs.
  3. Mr.Spaziani and Ms.Tortorella for the men's accessories and leathergoods :yes: i've been very pleased with their outputs every season.
  4. I :heart: Marc.

    BTW Marttila? That´s a Finnish sur name. Anyone know what his first name is?
  5. Juha..Marttila

  6. Ooh he is Finnish:yahoo: Thanks Khoi!
  7. Are Finnish people from Finland? sorry....I'm guessing...
  8. What magazine is that from again? I know I have it, I just can't remember which one it is...
  9. Vogue with Gwyneth on the cover..Oct. 2005
  10. Thanks, Khoi! I know I have it here somewhere! If I could only find it... :Push:
  11. Yes :yes:
  12. I like their jewelry line although it's pricey.
  13. Marc Jacobs.
  14. Jacobs, then Miceli
  15. Marc Jacobs is a fantastic stylist and excellent (in his own weird way) at promoting/representing the label.

    I like the ready to wear best.