How's a mam in butter??

  1. Girls, do you think butter yellow is too bright? I didnt have chance to see it in person, and never own a yellow bag before.
    So what's the butter look like in real life, more mustard? More lemon? More neon.......:confused1:
  2. Good question......(I don't know the answer :smile:)
  3. I have a mam in butter. I'm never able to capture it's actual color in a photo, but in real life it's a nice bright yellow...maybe like a ripe banana. Not neon. Here is a photo that probably captures it the closest that I took with some orange bags...
  4. the color looks so delicous! thanks for sharing.
  5. I have a Butter Nikki and the Butter leather is awesome...thick, soft and smooshy. :smile: