Howell MI Outlet Trip Today

  1. :tup:
    Hubby out of town, son went to Cedar Point, so Kelly and I decided to head out to the outlet, heck I get there just as fast as driving to Somerset.

    They sell SIG!!!!! They had Canvas Carlys, got them yesterday. Only had one Jean one, and someone had it, had a few demi's for 139.00 and 20% off, I asked why on sale already and the guy said because it is a summer bag.

    Kelly begged for this was only 111.00 It was 259? msrp, 179. at the store, marked down to 159.00 and then 30% off.

    The Sig bag was only 56 bucks.

    Hubby told her it was okay because she was going to take drivers ed this summer....300 bucks, well if she dances she can't take drivers ed, so he said she could get a bag if it did n't go over that...So we will share the bags.

    They had TONS of the old Chelsea pebbled tote, the one size I have but in white, brown and a purply blue color.

    Not many keyfobs or initials, the initials they had were 9.99 and fobs were 24.99
  2. Coachnut, thanks for posting about your outlet trip! I've been wondering what kind of goodies they have there. How big is the store (say compared to Birch Run)? I am so excited to hear that they are a signature store. All the outlets I usually go to (Birch Run, Michigan City and Aurora IL) don't carry it!

    Your bags are gorgeous! Great finds! :yes:
  3. Hopefully, the next time I make it to a Michigan outlet I will find some stuff. So far I am 0 for 2 with having luck at Birch Run and West Branch.

    My last outlet trip in Orlando last April I got the legacy striped wristlet, moon charm and a passport cover. The wristlet was still 50, even though it was at the outlet.
  4. Has anyone been to birch run lately? I think i want to check it out this weekend. They had alot of signature stuff when i was there about 3 weeks ago. I was surprised since they don't usually have signature anything. I ended up getting quite a few accessories.
  5. There seems like there were some great deals there.:tup: I'm glad you and Kelly had a good time!
  6. I would say the store is smaller than Birch Run, but set up the same so they actually have the same amount of stuff, just less walking room Very very nice store, they wrapped my bags up really nice. Very helpful ..

    We then went to Banana Republic, they had so many great deals. Didn't buy anything because we are going to Chicago this weekend, but could not pass up that bag for Kelly.

    Also, they told me Howell and West Branch were only ones with Sig, that Birch Run Sig is usually Factory bags?? Is that true?
  7. Heath, when was the last time you were at west branch? I'm going in a few weeks and am wondering what they have.

    Coachnut, from what i understand west branch has sig, birch run is factory. I've been to the BR one a few times and never seen anything besides factory...
  8. I went to BR last weekend and they had Canvas Carlys, Denim Legacy bags (shoulder bags and satchels) and quite a few leather Ergo totes. They had a ton of stuff and some very good deals. Pretty much everything in the store was 20% off, including clearance. I think the sales this weekend may even be better than that!
  9. Great finds...both bags are cute!!
  10. Wow I wish I had been to BR last weekend, those are the bags I was looking for. Howell just got the Cotton Carlys yesterday,and they were pretty well picked over. I am not sure of the names, they had a satchel and a slim flap? Lots of Jade colors.
    I should try and stop in Indiana on the way to chicago, but heck I may not have any money left if I do that.

    Thanks for the info!
  11. oh goodness seeing all these posts about everyones great finds at the outlets is driving me nuts!!! im trying to hold off until the 4th of july sale starts. $56 for that signature hobo and $139 +20% off for the carly demis?....good deals!!!!
  12. I was there 2 weeks ago and they didn't anything that really caught my eye. They had a few of the Legacy Stripe Folded Frame Wristlet, but no other Legacy. No carlys. Sounds like they got all the good stuff in after I was there. But lots of those Spring (pastel colors) Patchwork totes and duffles. They were pretty, but would be a nightmare for me to keep clean.
  13. Coachnut great buys! what other signature bags did they have? anything else that caught your eye? I thought they would have only carried leather considering they are not that far from boutiques. Its about 1.5 from me , do you think its worth the drive?
  14. 56? Wow. Nice buys congrats
  15. I LOVE that leather hobo!!! So nice! And how sweet that Kelly got something too - sounds like you got some steals!