How'd my mom get a PCE intvite?

  1. I'm trying to figure this one out.

    My mom has never shopped in the boutique. Ever. She buys some things at the outlet from time to time but is EXTREMELY conservative with her money and always gets really great deals.

    She just received a PCE invite in the mail, and I'm trying to figure out how that happened? Maybe they're trying to reach more of the outlet customers to get them into the boutiques? What do you think?

    I think it's awesome if that's the case. I would love for all of us to get PCE credit based upon the sum total of all our purchases in all areas. Does anyone know if they're trying something new? If so, cool!:tup:
  2. I said it last time.. I really think outlet purchases count. A friend of mine NEVER shops at the boutique, only at the outlet & even then twice a year. She's got a PCE in June (didn't use it) and got one this past Monday.
  3. Oh I wish I could be that lucky! I've only shopped outlet a few times :sad:
  4. that would explain alot...I have only bought 1 bag in the boutique in the past year or so...the rest of my bags are from the outlet. I'm a total outlet wh*re and I do so well there (IMO)

    damn straight that piece of paper will get me into a boutique! heheh
  5. Man I wish I would get one...:sad:
  6. I have been shopping at Coach outlets for about 10 years and never got a PCE but since I bought a bag from a regular Coach store this year - I got the PCE.
  7. My mom buys a LOT at the outlet in San Marcos... and a good amount of stuff at the boutique. No PCE card for her and I was SO hoping she'd get one.

    I bought a lot during the last PCE and I always buy from the outlet when I'm there (twice a year)... no card here either. :crybaby:

    It sure does seem random!
  8. i talked to some manager at some store once (sorry but in the last six months ive travelled A LOT and now i cant keep things straight hehe)

    but I asked her why i didnt get it one time (not last time, the time before) and she told me i probably bought TOO MUCH stuff!!! she told me sometimes coach sends out PCE to people that dont shop much to make sure they entice those customers to come in and become regulars!! i mean of course there are exceptions, like if you ALWYAS buy at one store, and if so the manager will notice you and automatically put you on a list!

    But this is def true, because i havnt bought MUCH from coach this year, but i recieved two cards and my bf recieved one!! haha he was pretty excited, it was cute you guys would have been proud!

  9. I can see why they'd want to add more people to become regulars but don't understand why they'd wan to alienate their best customers who will come to expect being included in PCE as part of being a loyal customer. Not giving a PCE because people buy too much?:tdown:

    If that's the case, they're could lose a LOT of business from people who have been buying enough to keep their stock price up.

    Congrats on getting the cards! Enjoy your shopping...but don't buy too much! Kidding!:nuts:
  10. The SA in the Coach store I always visit said the list is random. Now I'm pretty sure Coach has only one database for everyone that buys from their stores (outlet, regular or website) so my guess is they probably use that database.
  11. I use to buy about 10 Coach bags a year (boutique, outlet & online). In the past year I only bought maybe 1 bag but I've been sent a PCE card the last 3 times they had the PCE going on.
  12. i think theyre starting to count outlet purchases??
    because i dont think outlet purchases used to count towards who gets PCE invites.
    my mom got a call for PCE yesterday but we havent bought from a boutique since April and that was just the signature!
  13. I have only bought from one outlet and recieved a phone call a few days ago and the card came yesterday! Whoo-Hoo, I can't wait to shop, 25% makes it worthwhile to buy from the retail store.
  14. ha ha.. same here. The only thing my mom has bought this year was the Denim stripe stachel and wallet (My birthday gift) and she got a PCE event and I didn't get one. Well it's the same thing my SA gives me the discount with or without a card.
  15. The last time I bought anything at the boutique was during the last PCE, but I do spend a lot in the outlets, I went during Labor Day weekend and got my planner, and I got my PCE card the other day, so maybe they are finally counting the outlet purchases!