Howard Street Large Satchel Modeling Pics?

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  1. If any of you have this bag would you mind posting modeling pics? Would love to see how it looks outside of the pics on the botkier site.
  2. Bump! I would like to see as well.
  3. I went to the Botkier store 2 weekends ago to check out the bags IRL. I'm petite so the Howard St Large Satchel ended up looking like a tote on me. It's that big. I didn't take any pix though...sorry!
  4. I saw the larger size in store the other day. It's huge. I think it is a great weekend travel tote though.
  5. I am dying to see modeling pics too!!:nuts: Anyone own one? :graucho:
  6. I found this on the botkier site. It does look quite large.



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  7. Wow, that does look huge! I tried on the regular size at neimans and think that size is just right. The magenta is tdf!
  8. That sure looks huge. I like it somehow but it does look quite heavy,
  9. Thanks for finding those pics, Cloud! (Hmm, we haven't had mod pics from LB yet either, have we?) It does look pretty huge... Even if we assume that that model is petite, that's still a pretty large bag!!

    It may not actually be that heavy, given how light some of Botkier's lambskins are, and the relative lack of hardware, but there's gonna be a huge risk of stuffing way too much into the bag and hence making it weigh a tonne, IMHO...
  10. I think this is pebbled cowhide & the closeup shows thick leather so could be a lil on the heavy side but when I come back to the pics, I kinda like it enough to want it, big or not. I can imagine tho if I go for meetings, I would want to chuck my notes & laptop in this bag.
  11. Yep, the black one, at least, is pebbled cowhide... The rest of the colours this season are mostly lambskin. Not sure how heavy the black might be on its own, though. The cowhide Botkiers that I have are still pretty okay, probably lighter than the Asher/Magnolia! ;)

    Yeah, one thing about the size is that it definitely looks like it'd be great for dumping tonnes of stuff in there, including files and a laptop. (Although I'm not sure how ideal it'd necessarily be, since it still seems somewhat slouchy!) It would probably also be great for travel too!

    ... I am not talking myself into this bag!! :Push: :lecture:
  12. In the interview with this blogger she uses it to carry her DSLR camera. I was wondering how practical that would be...or I guess how safe that would be for the camera. It definitely would be one stylish work/travel bag!;)
  13. If it's a large bag & not very heavy, that would be quite enticing. I soooo need to get out of this thread.

    Cloud, The way the bag is shaped...I wonder how a DSLR can sit in nicely.
  14. Unless she has her DSLR in another case and then puts it in her Howard St Large, that's not the best idea. That's like using my lambskin Chanel in the rain. No way! I totally baby my DSLR.
  15. I agree with you! I need to stay out of this thread! Now that I've seen modeling pics of this bag, I want it, too!

    I have 1793 "pending" LB luxe points coming up soon, and this is sooo tempting!!