howard stern gifts a Stam to the intern

  1. So, i know the most of you probably don't watch Howard TV, but i have it because of my DH and we were watching the secret santa episode, and howard had picked a female intern for his. He got her a beautiful MJ black stam bag and inside it was a thousand dollar gc to bloomies. lucky girl.
  2. Wow! Those are major gifts! The Stam alone, but a $1000 Bloomies gift card too? :nuts:
  3. Those are the perks of working for a celebrity!
    But...can you tolerate all the outbursts??
    Now THAT's another story!
  4. Wow! That's a generous gift! Maybe he does have a heart:p
  5. *wishing i was howards secret santa!*
  6. What a wonderful and generous present. Well-deserved I must say, since she worked with him:shrugs:
  7. I heard Howard is really really nice. So it doesn't surprise me that he has totally hooked his intern up. They say he's all show. WoW!! I wish i was that intern....but i wouldn't get the stam..i'd get a venitia or elise..hehehehe...OMG....secret confession.... i don't like the stams...:shame:please please please don't hate me...I LOVE everything else just not the stam....its just not my style....
  8. I don't think anyone will hate you - I'm not a big fan of the Stam either, and I'm sure there are others who feel the same way. I like the more vintage MJ styles and much prefer the soft calf leather to the quilted & patchwork styles. I also think the Stam is just too heavy [for an everyday bag], and the weight of his bags has never really been an issue (some people think his older styles like the Stella, Venetia & Multi-Pockets were heavy, but I think the Stam weighs almost 2x as much). The Stam is just a little too structured and perhaps a little "prim & proper" - completely different from the "Boho Chic" of vintage MJ!
  9. Wow!!!!!
  10. What a lucky girl! I'm jealous!!
  11. Though he really makes my skin crawl, that was very nice of him.
  12. the best part is that i bet the secret santa maximum amount was like $50. LOL.
  13. I love Howard. I listened to the whole gift-giving on Sirus radio. That intern is so lucky!! I am betting that Howard's model girlfriend might have helped him pick it out!!
  14. ^^Oh yes, I bet you're right. Whenever I see Beth in pictures, she's always carrying a gorgeous handbag!