Howard Schatz: Aqua Man

  1. I saw this on Vanity Fair's website, and these are absolutely breathtaking! There are some that, as amazing as they are, are a bit TOO nude for this forum, but you can find them here:

    Submerged in his swimming-pool studios, photographer Howard Schatz creates unusual studies of buoyancy, reflection, and the human form. Here, a selection from H2O, a new book of Schatz’s aquatic imagery.

    Underwater Study 132.

    Nude Study 1295.
    cusl01_schatz0711.jpg cusl02_schatz0711.jpg
  2. Underwater Study 2663.

    Underwater Study 2380.
    cusl03_schatz0711.jpg cusl04_schatz0711.jpg
  3. Underwater Study 3119.

    Atlantis 1.
    cusl05_schatz0711.jpg cusl06_schatz0711.jpg
  4. Underwater Study 2752.

    Underwater Study 3024.
    cusl07_schatz0711.jpg cusl09_schatz0711.jpg
  5. Corps de Ballet.

    Underwater Study 3028.
    cusl11_schatz0711.jpg cusl13_schatz0711.jpg
  6. The Last Supper (Underwater).
  7. Those are awesome. I like the Last Supper.