Howard Satchel or Logan Satchel

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  1. Hi!! I'm deciding between the Howard Satchel in cement or the Logan Satchel in black. I really like the Howard Satchel b/c of it's smaller size (and it's a lighter color for spring/summer). I love the Logan Satchel's shape but I'm afraid the Logan Satchel's size may overwhelm me. I'm rather petite. But my major concern is that the cement color will dirty/stain easily. Does anyone have any experience with this color? I'm not the best babier of bags...
  2. The color of Cement online might be darker IRL. If you are petite then Howard St. Satchel will be a good size bag for you.
  3. Thanks. The thing that always throws me off is the sagging of the bottom of a bag after I've stuffed all my stuff into it. I love the shape of the Logan Satchel on LunaBoston's website but as pinkrubies' mod pix reveal, the Logan Satchel is actually much larger when you are using it due to the sagging at the bottom.
  4. The Howard St. also sags but I like the shape better.
  5. Yeah...I was thinking that the sagging in the Howard St wouldn't alter the shape as much as the Logan.
  6. i just ordered the howard, haven't received it yet. i also really liked the logan but it looks awfully heavy to me and i'm quite petite too.good luck!
  7. Could you post mod pix when you receive it? What color did you get?
  8. mielikki - i got the magenta, it is gorgeous! i'm going to post mod pics tomorrow night. i really like the detachable long strap as well as the main handles.
  9. I'm excited to see your bag and mod pics!