How your bag addiction started?

  1. I was just wondering if how other's bag addiction got started?

    well for me, for the designer bags, it got started last december after my boyfriend's sister-in-law asked to sniff the hype leather bag that I just bought and then, went on to brag to me about her LV bag and wallet.. after that, I got so pissed off, bought my LV, a Ferragamo, and since then, I haven't stopped buying designer bags (have 18 now since January of this year) just to tell her that she ain''t better than me.. but the more bags I buy, the more I realize I really like the bags and I am no longer buying them just to be better than her.. so I guess, that's kind off a redemption for me.. coz it is really me, although of course, she got me started...

    now, let's hear your stories...
  2. I'm 50, and not addicted to bags, just interested in reading about them and browsing bag sites (started doing this many months ago).

    My sis thinks it's a case of menopause setting in ... :biggrin:

    "What - looking at bags AGAIN?" - something she says to me very often these days.
  3. I was 16 and the Coach signature collection was just starting to get very popular, so I had my father buy me the demi for Christmas. Two months later I bought a Kate Spade canteen bag, then a Prada and a Fendi. I've continued buying bags ever since and love them all. When my father yells at me for spending $800 on a bag I make sure to tell him that it is his fault because he's the one that started it all.
  4. hehe, and I betcha he can't respond to
  5. Oh I made history! When my mom gave birth, I had a bag in hand! Seriously, it started when I was old enough to know what they were so maybe around 2.
  6. I read about IT bags in a magazine and decided to try out just what it felt like to actually have a designer bag for once...that was last Sept... lol.... and now I'm on this forum
  7. I have been addicted to bags since I was a little girl (no kidding). My parents and sister would make fun of it and ask why I had so many purses and why I had to have more and more. Of course then it was just bags and as I became an adult, it turned into high-end. It's a life-long addiction for me. ;)
  8. I have been obsessed with purses since I was a little girl. This past Christmas my uncle gave everyone a DVD version of films that my grandparents made when my cousins and I were little. In almost every one of them I am carrying a purse, even as a two year old. Also, one of my aunts loved purses and had tons of them. I used to play in her huge walk-in closet when I was little and try them on. It was like a fantsyland, seriously it was better than Disney for me.
  9. I'm 19, my obsession started a little over a month ago actually lol! It was because of this forum. You guys are such a bad influence lol JK :heart:3
  10. I had seen V Beckham with her mc eye bag - so on holiday in Rome with my dad and sis I suggested going to LV for the 1st time - from then on i was obsessed
  11. I'm with you abandoned! We don't have a Saks or Nordstroms here where I EVERY time I travel I end up going to a nice department store. I was in Phoenix about two months ago and bought a brown coach at Nordstroms. After I got home, I decided I wanted a higher end black purse as well (I had usually stuck with Ralph Lauren bags, vera wang, nine west, and random stuff from specialty stores). Looking for authentic Gucci on ebay led me to the forum, where I posted innumerable annoying questions about fakes!

    Now, I have the brown coach, a larger coach tote, and a small black gucci...but my wish list has grown exponentially. And it really is mostly b/c of the forum!!! You all have such great taste and ideas:smile:
  12. I've had a love affair with handbags ever since I can remember. When most little girls were carrying around their baby dolls I was carrying my handbag.
  13. I think that I always loves handbags, but started my collection when I was pregnant...being pregnant made me notice handbags more...something that I could wear pregnant or not...i couldn't buy clothes but at least I could buy a nice handbag...
  14. I've always loved purses, but my obsession with designer bags started I think in December when I was at the mall with my mom and I saw the Coach Pachwork Demi Pouch, and I stopped walking to look at it and my mom was like "Elli...come on." And I said "No...I NEED this purse!" She held up the tag and said to me "For $198? Save up!" And since then I have obsessivly looking at Coach bags and lots of other designers too :biggrin: Coach is pretty much all I can afford, though. I FINALLY got a Coach purse a few days ago :love:
  15. wow, sounds like we all have diff stories.. cool ones though...