how young is too young?

  1. my daughter really wants a speedy25 and she is 12. Is that too young and too big (she is 5 feet) of a bag for a 12 year old? If you think she is a little too young or small please give me suggestions for another lv bag that would be appropriate for someone her age and height.
  2. I personally think it's a little young. Get her a dooney&bourke.
  3. Yes, I agree start w/ something coach dooney or kate spade even.. and see how they take care of it. Cause its only gonna elevate to more expensive bags.. next will be the MC line. Maybe get her a pochette? I'd want to make sure my child was able to be responsible for it and go from there. :smile: She's a lucky gal :smile: for having a mom like u to spoil her
  4. If you do decide to get her one, a pochette accessories seems to be carried by a lot of teens. Or a mini mono marjorie, or a mini looping.

    But I also think she's a bit too young. Are her friends carrying LV? If so, I guess it may be ok.
  5. I received my first LV handbag when I was 14, My mum bought it for me as a gift. I'm now 15 and have 5 LV's (Some of which I worked hard for and bought myself and some I received as gifts form my mum and dad) a chloe paddington and last week my mum bought me a Luella Giselle. (Gorgeous lol!)
    My mum knows I understand the improtance of these handbags, and that I don't take them for granted. So she doesn't mind buying me them at all.
    As long as you daughter realises that, I'd say definitly consider it.
    But im my opinion I think you should start of with a slightly more youthful handbag, for example a Lulu Guinness? LG's are such cute, fun, and whimiscal designs and totally TDF. They are still pricey depending on what you buy, but probably more suited towards younger girls? (I LOVE THEM!)
    Then maybe when she turns 13 you could get her a LV, as she will have just turned a teenager!
    Hope this helps!
  6. Mono pochette. I think a speedy is best for someone who is a bit older.
  7. I think 12 is too young to be carrying LV, she will want a birkin by 18. I am thinking maybe 16 or high school graduation. My daughter is 2. At 12, I may let her have a Kate Spade. It is easy to give in because her friends are doing it, but you must hold your ground. Minimum 15, IMHO.
  8. i think a mono pochette
  9. do you guys think any of these bags are appropriate for my very tiny 12 year old

    (these are lvs)

    mini hl sac (the tiny speedy
    small ellipse
    peite noe
  10. I think it would be ok. I know alot of people who are 5 feet and carry the Speedy 25 well. Many of my son's female friends when he was 13 had carried the mono pochette and now that he's 19 they have all upgraded to Chanel!
  11. I personally don't think there's a need for an age limit on vuitton. If you can afford it then why not?
  12. i think the mini sac or pochette would be appropriate for her age and size.
  13. I think LV is too young for a 12 yo but that is just my humble opinion...maybe for a graduation like was suggested in another post.
  14. My daughter, who is 5, has already said to me, "Mommy when I grow up, I want a Louis Vuitton bag just like you".

    The key word here is "grow up". When I feel she COMPLETLY UNDERSTANDS the care, and appreciation you must give to something that costs so much, then and only then will I get her one.

    So, does your daughter at 12, completely understand this? Does she appreciate that you'd be getting her a very expensive (for a 12 year old) bag? Or, does she know you can afford it and just wants it, and figures that because you can afford it you'll just get it?

    If the latter is true, then you'd only be doing her harm by getting it. If the former is true, then she'll be a very happy young lady.
  15. she loves 2 out of my three lv products. she likes my zippy orginizer and my speedy 25 (my cabas piano is my 3rd and thinks its ok) maybe i shold ge a a zippy orginizer and let her hold it as a clutch. please tell me more about the min sac (i just looked it up)