How Young is TOO Young?

  1. I live in a very small town/remote area where we're probably 2-3 yrs behind fashionwise from the bigger cities. Although I (of course) tend to be a little ahead of the local trend (heh). ;)

    When I was in minneapolis this weekend, I was amazed to see a mother and her daughter in the outlet, and the daughter was carrying a sig/punch bag, and I swear she couldn't have been older then 11!

    I have an 11 yr old and I just can't imagine spending that sort of money for a girl her age...yes, she could have saved it herself etc., but how do young girls like that even know about things like this? And how do you instill the worth and meaning of a product like this to them?

    My daughter loved my bag...but I just don't know when she'd be ready for a gift like that, and be able to appreciate it. No flames please...just curiosity :smile:
  2. My niece got a small Coach bag and wallet from her mom for her 14th birthday.

    I'm not one to judge, since I don't have kids myself, and I am one to SPOIL my nieces!
  3. I see a lot of little kids with Coach items when I'm out at the mall. It just makes me wish my Mom was that fashion conscious when I was that age :roflmfao:
  4. I grew up admiring my mother's Coach bags, but I would never have dreamed of owning one at such a young age! I got my first from a friend for high school graduation when I was 17.
  5. this topic has been beaten to death...and usually ends in the thread being closed.

    my niece is 6 and i bought her a demi. she loves it because she's just like her aunt harm in that.
  6. Yes, I guess I'm secretly hoping my daughter will discover them (but I doubt around here). Would be perfect for 13th birthday, but she's gotta want it and I know she will never know more then my little collection. And in that case, it will probably be the most UNcool thing ever, lol!

    However do girls find out about it? That's the funny thing...
  7. There will be many conflicting opinions on this issue, so watch out!

    Regardless of how much money a family has, I just think it is sad that girls so young are brand-aware. I realize that it is hard to avoid in some cities and schools, but I just feel a part of the innocence of childhood is gone when you realize that one thing is "better" than another thing because of a name stamped on it.

    I hope to avoid that for as long as possible with my children. To me it isn't about the money, it is about the awareness of class. The only time people can just be people and not even think about such divisive things is when we are children. There is a huge difference between not being aware of class versus consciously choosing not to judge people by it. I will try to preserve that ignorance and innocence for as long as possible.
  8. Ooops sorry :smile: Newbie question I guess.
  9. Maybe she just borrowed it from her Mom.
  10. Don't worry about it and welcome to the forum!! :flowers:
  11. I didn't even realize this would start a heated subject! I apologize for my naivety being new to this board.

    I guess my main question was, how do young girls even know besides their moms or aunts etc? And you would think that would instantly mean "uncool".

    I guess it could be a regional thing too...people around here don't even know what Coach is so we don't have those sorts of branding or class issues. And of course, I am relieved that my mini skinny meant nothing to my daughter, she couldn't care less! :biggrin:
  12. Haha, well I'm a minor (younger than 14...), and I just got my very first Coach. Every single girl in my town must own a Coach, some maybe a Louis Vuitton around when they are in 5th grade. I don't think it's ridiculous, it's how I've been brought up. My town is a very high-end town, I guess. Lol. My whole town is allllllll about labels.

    Sorry if I seemed "flamey...ish". Lol....again.
  13. i think it depends where you grow up. you absolutely have to put things into context.

    i grew up in a place like that was sorta in between- it was great if you had it, but not necessary.
  14. Congrats on your new bag, how exciting for you! That's simply amazing to hear how different areas can be. Girls your age around here just have no idea and that's probably a good thing for their parents, lol. We don't live in a very wealthy area so the comparison sort of blows my mind.

    And nope, didn't take it as flamey at all! I was hoping to hear from a young lady :smile:
  15. I think High school is a good age for higher-end handbags but not before then what does a grammar school girl need a handbag for anyway a book bag is just fine a NICE bookbag, though.