How young is too young for a Hermes?

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  1. ..specifically a birkin or JPG...

    I know there are younger celebs carrying them.. like Lindsey and Hillary, but was just wondering if I should "borrow" my mom's JPG for a night or if people will wonder...

    im 22 btw:heart:
  2. I personally don't think 22 is too young at all to carry a Hermes, as long you carry it off w/ class and pride :p
  3. I don't think 22 is too young either. If you are mature enough to appreciate H beauty, and you are mature enough to treat her with respect, and above all, if your mom is willing to lend her to you, then go for it.

    If you are a giddy 22 year old who is just using her to show off, then I don't think you are old enough to carry an H bag.
  4. My mom and I share bags all the time, as she borrows my things too. I DO appreciate the H beauty, just as ANY other brand.. however, my main concern was that if someone older than me saw me with it, would assume that it was fake because I couldnt afford one. AND of course I would respect the bag, im not gonna throw it around..

    I was just asking for advice not to be assumed as a "giddy" 22 year old who is trying to show off. I respect all brands, incl. Hermes. And I can easily "show off" with a Fendi or LV also.. I just wanted to know if a JPG would be age appropriate for me or if the bag is for women of a certain age group.....
  5. I don't think you are ever too young or old as long as it suits your style. And if it does suit you then by all means just go for it and enjoy it!
  6. I don't think 22 is too young for Hermes. I just got my Kelly this year.
    You'll look great with it regardless of what people think!
  7. Fear not! Since you already appreciate the beauty and luxury of an Hermes enough to carry it with care, I don't see why you shouldn't. Besides, wether people think it's a fake or not really doesn't matter. There will always be meanies out there. So carry it with pride!
  8. I've already been tempted to buy Hermes baby stuff for my upcomming can almost never be too young. lol
  9. ^^^ I got the most adorable H booties for my DD when she was born.... don't be tempted though.... let others suprise you....
  10. I truly think you can pull it off, just don't wear it with track/sweat clothes.
  11. Wear it with class!!
  12. You are not too young. Especially, the JPG, which is an edgier looking bag. Lucky you to have a mom to borrow one from.
  13. You can never be too young for such a fabulous bag!
    As long as you carry with class and elegance, you will forever look truly fabulous!
  14. It depends on your style. :yes:
  15. I'm 22 and buying my first bag this year! :biggrin: So...not too young!!! :biggrin: lol