How you keep your H bags in various social settings?

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  1. #1 Jan 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2009
    Unsure if there's already a thread about it, but I am curious on how we try to keep our H bags safe in bars/restos/luncheons etcetera

    I keep my 35 birkin under the seat between my feet, rather inconvenient I have to say, but at least any thief needs extra efforts to swap it

    And more, some unprofessional waiters will have to drench me before my bag gets wet

  2. I use my purse hook a LOT more than I thought I would. I guess I am rather naive because I always feel so safe - I trust people too much I guess and don't tend to think about it being swiped. When I don't use my purse hook, I either put in in an empty chair or under the chair I am sitting in.
  3. Lately I've been have *very* intimate lunches of two a lot because of change of location; My birkin and I. At Laduree, At Hevin, at BonMarche. Of course both participants have thir own seat. Very romantic indeed.:rolleyes:

    NO but usually I just do like Ken-Doll or I .. put it on the floor if it's sanitary and the location is ok. aftr all it has got feet. lol
  4. I place my bags on my chair, an empty chair, or on the table depending how big it is. But never on the floor because of superstitions (my Mom always told me it's bad luck to put bags on the floor).

    In some restaurants/bars here, there are hooks beneath the table and they're very convenient for placing my bags.
  5. I will put my bags on an empty chair... and if not possible indeed at my feet :smile: or sometimes on the table :smile: or on my lap :smile:
  6. I am the same! I grew up with a superstition that says that if you put your bag on the floor it empties (ie you lose your money / fortune).

    So I use my bag hook else put it on a chair or on the table if it is a clutch size.
  7. On empty chair or on my feet. Some restaurants that I have been to here has some small bag "stoles" that you place the bag on.
  8. on the purse stool (in restaurants the hairdresser etc) when shopping i place it inside the dressign salon on the couch or give it to the person that accompanies me
    when out and about (bars or clubs or otheher functions i use clutches and they either rest on my lap or on the table or i give them to my accompany)
  9. TIA:tup: If I can feel it I think it is better than even seeing it. Even on a chair, your bag could be the victim of flying food. At least between your feet that isn't going to happen. At dinner a few months ago, it was sitting on the chair next to me and it almost became the victim of some flying soup! Not doing that again:rolleyes:
  10. I keep mine on the seat next to me with the dust cover on top of it in case I spill or drop something. The last time I took Miss Evelyne out, I spilled a few drops of iced tea on the dust cover - I was glad I had the dust cover.
  11. I tend to put mine on a chair and if I can't then it just has to go on the floor, keep meaning to get a bag hook
  12. Yes! This is exactly what my Mom said!
  13. ^^ that is it. All my purses are coming off the floor immediately, even at home.
  14. Isn't that funny, I just thought the exact same thing!
  15. ^ Lol!

    My Spanish friend actually told me that she now doesn't put her bag on the floor because one Asian friend told her about this superstition. I told my friend that I grew up with this superstition that's why I never put my bag on the floor lol!