how you fell in love with damier

  1. I have to confess that I never liked the damier line until I started reading this forum more (see how dangerous)! At first I thought it was too masculine and I couldn't see what was so special about it. Then I started looking at everyone's pictures and then saw a girl in the mall that had one, and now I think it looks really classy and professional- also more subtle than the mono line for certain occasions where subtle is better. I was wondering what your stories were for how you started to like Damier? Was it instant or did it take a while?
  2. I fell in love with it when I saw the duomo....It WAS love at first sight...:shame:

  3. Luv Classics- That is the bag that I saw the girl in the mall carry and fell in love with!!! It is so classy! Help! This is no good- I just bought a bag (mono speedy) 2 weeks ago so this cannot happen!

  4. It is my favorite bag. Like you mentioned, it is classy and sophisticated and works well with my suits. However, it also looks great with my pull over sweaters, jeans and loafers. I can't say enough about this bag! You would not regret this purchase!!!
  5. Well my dad got me the 4 key holder awhile back. I thought it was a cute pattern (it always reminded my mom of Fendi because she had a sunglass case from them with that print). Anyway I never was really interested in getting a bag in the print until I found out they were making a Speedy for the regular line and decided to get that. And of course I love Azur because of the colors so my parents got me the pochette for my birthday last Nov.
  6. It was instant. I fell in love with it many years ago when I saw the picture of a damier handbag on a magazine . I thought it looks very elegant and professional, and I hoped I would get one someday.
  7. I fell for it when I saw pictures of the papillon!
  8. i fell in love...when my brother got me the bifold - he wanted to get me a bday present but didnt wanna give me the monogram one because he said it's everywhere...then it was love at first sight.i love the subtleness and it being such a classic pattern!

    btw, i like square objects..i like organizing my things in little boxes...that's probably why!
  9. I fell in love with it when I saw my friend carrying her bag.
  10. The Damier print actually originated before the Mono. It's such a classic and I've always loved it more than the Mono.
  11. Yes....Alma brought me to my knees, then speedy came along and melted in my heart!!!

    I dream of Nolita......and Triana, Ribera MM, Papillon, and Damier Sac Plat.

    I LOOOOVVVVEEEE the original Damier Canvas!!!
  12. It was love at first sight for me. My first lv was a damier.
  13. first i also don't like damier line, i prefer the monogram since it is so classic. But, after i saw someone in the shopping center and saw so many pictures in this forum, I started to like it. I was planning to buy monogram speedy, but after i think about that so many people already had monogram speedy on the street, so I change my mind. And especially, damier is low maintenance which also looks elegant yet classic.

    And after I bought my damier speedy, I love it more and more everyday. And also bought damier cles to match it and planning to buy damier french purse ;)
  14. I loved the damier in their little coin purse with the koala snap. It was the first thing that caught my eye the first time I was brave enough to go in. I thought it was too expensive then. Oh those days of innocence.. :roflmfao: I'm not sure how I like it on bags yet, but I am loving the azur, though I can't figure out why.
  15. i have a confession to make...i first thought the damier line was ugly. but i saw the pattern on an alma and fell instantly in love. i own 2 regular damier pieces (alma and mini poch) and 3 azur ones (speedy 25, pochette and cles). i think the damier is very classy and understated. not as "look at me" as other monogram pieces.