How would you wear your Balenciaga? Show us with

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  1. thanks paolochua, xhaute, & roussel! i literally have all those items of clothing. if you'd like, i could post a real picture of my outfit...
  2. YES YES YES Please!!
  3. It's such a cool website!!! Thank you for sharing with us! I just made one with bbags also, I'm not sure how I can post it, let me give a try!!

  4. (please excuse my terribly messy room :rolleyes:)

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  5. ^^ Oooh I love it!
  6. thanks! :P
  7. [​IMG]

    My style is relatively lazy - throw on a dress, a Bbag and a couple accessories :P
  8. I just made another one called " Floral Summer" hehe...

  9. ok, im so computer challenged:confused1:...i cant figure out how to post the outfits i did on polyvore here:shrugs:
  10. Another one Balenciaga patent clutch and wallet!
  11. lovely Thread!!..The outfits soooo nice!!.
  12. Go to your sets and go into the one you wanna post here, after it's opened, right-click the image then you will see a "copy&paste..." meassage pop-up. Now you have to select the whole thing in the "meassage board" only. Copy it and click done and then paste it here and you are done!!! Hope I explained this clearly...
  13. Ohhhhhh...... I'm crazy for this thread!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    Thanks Neptune!!!!!!!:woohoo::heart:
  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]