How would you wear this scarf?

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  1. I just picked up this vintage Chanel scarf but Idk how to wear it. Its 35x35 so its bigger than I realized. Would it be silly to just throw on a tank top, jeans and wrap it around my neck in some way? I never really accessorize so I feel like a complete spaz.

  2. Hey! To be honest I would not wear it in summer. I would prefer to save it for next season. I suggest to wear it with skinny dark ripped jeans, a white plain top and a leather jacket. Everything you will wear needs to be simple since you want to highlight the scarf.
  3. I agree with the above post. I really like the scarf! But its more fall/winter. I like the outfit suggestion above. Where did you find that scarf?
  4. Thanks! I figured Id wear it with a white top and jeans/dark pants. I actually got it on ebay. Person picked up a couple from an estate sale. She also had a navy blue one with the chains but the bidding got out of control, lol.
  5. Have a look on the Hermes forum, there are tons of threads about how to wear scarves year round
  6. I love to tie mine on my handbags, year round. But Hermes has a book that shows different ways to tie and wear them, including as a halter top....very cute!