How Would You Wear A Bow ?

  1. There are some beautiful dresses Jackets and coats that Ive seen and worn that have ribbon / bow around the waist line.

    I love to see bows on strappy sandles.

    I dont like to see bows on hats or worn in the hair. (unless your a little girl. )

    How Would You Wear A Bow ?
  2. ^ My wedding sandals had small bows at the center of each of three straps going across my foot. They were so pretty!

    No bows in the hair. Unless, like you said, you are a baby - think Pebbles Flintstone!
  3. No bows in hair? :sad2: I sometimes wrap a ribbon around my head like a head band and make a side bow or tie my ponytail in a ribbon and make a bow. I think bows are cute as long they're not not butt bows on dresses. Those makes your butt look huge.
  4. Your threads are funny, Pradasmeadow... very creative :smile:
  5. It looks great on others but I can't pull off wearing a bow.
  6. I think some adult women can pull off a pretty ribbon in the hair.
    I love ribbons on accessories though!
  7. Actually, now that you say that, I have seen the headband style ribbon and it does look nice :smile:
  8. Yeah, it looks cute with a nice cardigan. It's like causal but kind of chic. :love:
  9. Sorry, but I'm not bow person...don't like them anywhere on me or near me! I'll make exeptions, only if you're a little girl or a little pooch...or a present, that's it!
  10. Sometimes I tie a piece of loose ribbon around my neck and wear it as a side bow. It looks cute as an accent to a black top or such.
  11. i like tie-up sandals a LOT. i want some very much, in fact. i also like a bow to close a trench instead of a more traditional belt. i think it makes it more feminine.

  12. (Chuckles) Yeah, I was going to say the same thing.
    What kind of thread is next? "Would You Date A Man Who Belches In Public?"
  13. I'd wear a diamond bow from Tiffany & Co. as a broach.
  14. i like bows in peoples' hair. if i found a bow i liked, i'd wear it in my hair (right now i mostly do clips and barrets).
  15. I have a black winter jacket, and there is a grey/blue satin sash around my waist that ties into a bow...I love it.