How would you value the vernis pinks?

  1. Sometimes on eBay I see the marshmallows go for $$$ and sometimes no one seems to want them. I know that everyone still loves fuchsia, but their value definitely isn't as high as it used to be. Between the four pinks--Fuchsia, Marshmallow, Rose, and Framboise how would you rate their value? For small accessories? For purses? What would be an appropriate price range to purchase/sell? These things just keep on changing and I don't want to get ripped off or possibly rip someone off :wacko:
  2. Like with all things, color is one that is so subjective that you'll probably get answers all across the board, but for me personally, from FAVORITE --> least favorite (which corresponds how much I'm willing to pay for them)

    Marshmallow -> Rose -> Framboise -> fushsia (I know fushsia goes for $$ in Ebay but it's not for me).

    I was on a country-wide search on any remaining small Marshmallow things at the beginning of this year but I failed in that search :sad: They were all gone by the time I called 866 (and a number of boutiques around my area).
  3. Well, I would say in order of most popular:

    I would think you would price accordingly too. I'm not sure if Marshmallow is discontinued now, I think it might be and rose. Framboise is new so it's everywhere. Good luck!!
  4. as mentioned it depends on the individual and which colour they like the best and would be willing to pay a higher amount for it
  5. Well I dont think you'll be seeing Framboise go for big money as of yet, seeing as how it's still being sold in the boutiques. But based on the remaining pinks, I say fuchsia will fetch the highest price, then marshmallow, then Rose.

    Yet again, it's also on who's bidding that day, and what time the auction ends and whatnot.
  6. the only color i like is Framboise. it's gorgeous!
  7. Marshmallow is very nice and not too pink. Better for over 25 years old. I think the brighter ones are targeted for younger people.
  8. My mom has both the Marshmallow and Fuchsia colors..she has a Marshmallow Petronia bag and a keycase, as well as a fuchsia Porte Tresor. I have a fuchsia Lexington and Porte Tresor as well as a Framboise Houston. IMO, the color would probably end up like this:
    *Fuchsia (most expensive)
  9. I would think the older ones would be more expensive based on what I see going around.

  10. I Like Fuchsia More Than Framboise (& From What I Seen, It's Seems Many Do). I Also Like Rose Just A Slight More Than The Marshmellow (it Seems As Though People Love Both...They Probably like Marshmellow, More)

    What Would Be Worth Most: