How would you use this cell fob?

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  1. I got the little westie one because I have a westie.:love: :heart:
    I'm debating how I should use it. I'm not sure if I want to keep it on my bag or cell, or camera.. But I never see any designer westie memorabilia so I don't want to return it!! So how would you use it? So far I was thinking of turning it into a key chain, just getting a ring and putting it on. What do you think? Any other ideas? TIA:flowers:
  2. Heres the stock photo:
  3. I love your Westie - he's adorable! I've been using key fobs I love as charms and I hang them with my Coach tag - I think he'd look great on a bag!
  4. It's very cute IMO.
  5. ^^Thanks!

    Do you take it off the cell string and then attach it to the tag?
  6. it would be cute on a camera! I've never seen that before. my friend's camera has settings for a dog bark sound instead of the camera 'click'
  7. Hi Aarti-- I am going to get one as well, and I think that I will hang it off of one of my wristlets, if I don't actually use it on my phone--or even one of my basic leather bags.

    Hope this helps!!

    Westies Rule
  8. fashionfrenzy, do you have a westie or a terrier too?!
  9. Very cute key fob! I would attach it to my bag
  10. ^^ I did today coach lover! I loove how it looks against the black, except I had to baby it to not get it dirty because it gets thrown all over the place.
  11. We had Westies my whole childhood--Vanna White and Bubba. They are the best dogs, and I will get one again when I quit working as much as I do. My aunt has always had Cairns, so we're definitely a terrier family.
  12. ^^ Aww, I've only have one, and my first pup to boot, love him to death. I especially love how I got a full sized bed so I could sleep comfortably with him and not sacrifice too much space, yet this little 15 pound brat always ends up sprawled in the middle with me on the edge with my freaking pillow on my END TABLE..
  13. Oh I love it! I've been dying to get one of those for my cell phone too! :smile:
  14. haha.
    if my dog sleeps with me, i usually end up on the floor. she somehow gets considerably heavier in the middle of the night and is impossible to move, i so i just give up and let her sleep. spoiled dog gets the queen size bed...
  15. ^^ LOL. See he would never knock me to the ground because I'm his main source of heat.. uses and abuses me..