How would you try to clean these handles? A bit of a challenge...

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  1. I have a beautiful pre-loved speedy and would like to know what I could try to clean these handles. I have searched for older threads and know about LMB, baby wipes, etc.
    Has anybody tried corn starch mixed with baby shampoo/woolite or something? Or should I look into having the handles replaced at LV (and wait months to get the speedy back - with non-matching pale handles which I'm trying to avoid)?

    Thank you ladies! :flowers:


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  2. theres not much to do to those to clean them without it ruining the leather or looking odd, have the whole leather on the bag replaced i think it cot around 300$
  3. Try Magic Eraser. I used it on my pre-loved MC speedy and it worked great.
  4. ^Thank you! I hope these are available in Europe.
  5. I tried on my Speedy 30 and the handles looked similar...I used baby wipes and magic didn't do much.