How would you tell your significant other that you intend to do more damage?

  1. to the credit card after you've already made a big dent to it?

    IN GENERAL: significant others comes in 4 categories (my friends and I have very often laughed about our significant others and have come up with the 4 categories, feel free to add more if you think we've missed any out)

    1. Blind: after you've carried your Hermes around proudly for more than 6 months and he says: 'New Bag?'.

    2. Ideal: Loves fashion as much as you and am very supportive in all your purchases. If you have such a man, hang on to him!

    3. Dictator: He thinks he knows far better than you but, frankly, his tastes is impressed by the way his mother used to dress. Don't get me started on the MIL stories.

    4. Millionaire next door: The only conversation you ever have with him is how extra funds in the house should be properly allocated to investments.

    Need to do more damage, unsure what to say to significant other?!?!
  2. I've got an Ideal. :tender: He's the enabler for sure which makes it hard to keep my spending in check. :lol:
  3. Hahaha what funny descriptions! So fitting too.

    Mine is kind of between dictator and blind sadly. Well I suppose he likes to act like a dictator sometimes but is ignored by me anyway.
  4. Mine is between Millionaire Next Door and Ideal - loves luxury but saves too!
  5. i've got an ideal man, if there's extra cash around.....but becomes sometimes blind and millionaire next door. i don't know if that's good or bad.

    he's ideal for the most part! thank god!
  6. ^^Ditto for mine...although he's definitely what I would call "selectively" blind--he notices, but tries not think about it too much, b/c if he looked too hard and thought about the costs, he'd get a huge headache!!:Push:
  7. Mine falls into a Blind category!:upsidedown: I don't mind!:graucho:
  8. What about situation number five, where the wife and husband are in the same profession and she earns as much or more than he does? No credit card explanation is necessary. ;) Still, I am thankful that my DH loves Hermes as much as I do!
  9. Mine falls into a different category, the PAIN IN THE ASS category when it comes to bags! LOL!!! But I guess that could put him somewhere between Dictator and the Millionaire Next Door. No matter how much money we make, he is still baffled by the idea that I could spend so much money on "just a handbag" - Sacrelig, I know. I must work on brainwashing him!
  10. here's another category that i fall into:



    "if u want ..... to go to vegas, ur new watch, a new car, MIL to share a hotel room with us (yes it's happened before!!), etc..., then i get a new hermes bag!" :jammin:
  11. I really like this one.
  12. Yep! number 5 is good :heart:
  13. my DH doesn't fall into any of those categories. He hates fashion but wants me to be happy. So..whatever amuses me is ok with him.
  14. LOL I like the Trade-off one :smile:
  15. He's #2 Ideal. He likes to go shopping more than I do, and he knows the
    difference between togo and box calf :love: .

    But sometimes he's the dictator when it comes to decorating. I have no say at all, our place is all his cool gadgety stuff.