How would you style with this bag?

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  1. Good morning purse and fashion lovers, I nabbed a beautiful mini horizon in fig pink and would greatly appreciate your advice on what colors to wear with it... I’m big on neutrals, jeans and t-shirt with the occasional dress in either black or a floral or stripe print. Nothing crazy, the only non neutrals in my closet are a few light pink tops and one yellow t shirt. Everything else is black, grey, navy (lots of navy!), mossy green, tan or white/cream.
    Is this the pop of color my outfits need or does it not work with my wardrobe? I got the bag at a great price and while I was really eyeing the black or beige versions of it, I don’t want to return it and regret it. Pic of this beauty below. Thank you so much in advance!!
  2. Gorgeous color and I was thinking pink while reading your post and had to smile when I read "light pink tops". I think the two would go great together, very fashionable. Another idea would be with jeans, white would be killer, with camel sweater now if it's cold where u are or a cream or white cami and a thin tan belt if its warmer.

    Btw, the horizon to me has a kind of ladylike vibe, almost conservative, but yours is in such a cheery color, it makes the bag so much more fun. On the flipside, if u want o give out an "I am a successful businesswoman" vibe, getting the med or even small in black, navy and/or with some mock croc gives you that visual impact.

    For a more professional attire, I'd style your mini fig pink with navy (fave color to contrast with this tone of pink) pencil skirt or pantsuit.

    Reading over my post, I think you have the perfect wardrobe for this bag!
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