How would you spend $800?

  1. I recently got my first LV for my birthday thanks to my mom and aunt, so now I'm going to spend the money I would have spent on the purse for accessories. My budget is roughly $800 and I'm trying get a wallet, and something to carry my access card, and business cards. My new purse is a BH. What accessories would you get?

    a) Mono Pochette Wallet and Zippy Coin Purse

    b) Mono Zippy Wallet and Business Card Case

    c) Mono Pochette Wallet and Badge Key Holder
  2. I would get option B.
    I love the zippy wallet and the business card case is nice too.
  3. I choose option A, the zippy coin purse seems more practical than a business card or badge key holder. I would get option B if the small accessory was a cles.
  4. What about option D? Another bag!?!
  5. I would choose B, and then A.

    Or my own choice D, a Montorguiel PM!
  6. TOTALLY AGREE...there are so many new bags..:drool::tup:
  7. i would get a mono zippy wallet and a cles. :smile:
  8. Have you thought about Vernis? Nothing pumps up the volume on a fabulous bag like shiny and color :biggrin:
  9. AGREE!
  10. YES ! :love:
  11. i agree as well.. :okay:
  12. i would go for A as well.
  13. As others have said, a new bag! :yes:
  14. Pochette Wallet and a Cles.
  15. agreed 100% :yes: