How would you shoot this person down (fake related)?

  1. First let me say I believe in being a diplomatic person. I don't call people out for wearing fakes but I will never own one.

    Anyway, a close friend of the family goes to China on business reguarly and is always bringing back bags. She claims she gets them at outlets (???) or she buys knock offs that she believes are really real... they just tell people their fake. She has recently brought back numerous bags and will be going again in a few weeks and she wants to bring me one. I told her that I'd rather she didn't, I've been very polite and tried to decline but she brings it up every time we see eachother. Ultimately, I've run out of ways to stop this.

    I honestly don't feel that it is my place to talk about the wrong doings of fakes and I am not a mean spirited person. On the other hand, I don't want counterfeit merchandise and I don't want her to waste her money. Any ideas or do I just wait and see what she brings back and then dispose of it on my own?:confused1:
  2. just tell her they're all fake and real ones are expensive for people who can afford it. show her real ones and introduce her to this forum/blog.
  3. Tell her you don't want any designer bags, since you can get any bag you want already at home, but would love to see what local designers are making in China? Maybe she'll bring you something unique instead of a fake. Ask her to pick something you haven't seen before.
  4. It would be awesome to get something from a local designer! You bet I wouldn't turn that down... but this last bunch she brought back was from "Prada" and the Versace outlet. I don't know if the outlet was a real outlet or not.
  5. i would thank her very much for thinking of you but you are not in the market for a new bag...
  6. What does she do with the bags she brings back? Sell them on eBay?
  7. I would say something like "I appreciate the thought, but purses are something I need to pick out for myself in person." I don't think I would even try to argue that the purses are fake; she clearly thinks they're real and seems set in her ways. I think the best thing to do is just flat out (yet politely) refuse...

    I like the suggestion to ask her to bring back something else that's local and authentic. Maybe chopsticks, tea, or silk? I dunno :shrugs:
  8. She gives them as gifts and keeps them for herself. She has a ton of them. She has never mentioned eBay, ever, so I don't think she does that at all.