How would you respond?

  1. I just started selling on eBay and just sold my second bag today-however before the auction closed I got a question from a bidder. She was asking me questions about the bag being authentic, which of course I understand. But she wanted me to fax her my receipt(which is from Neiman's and was posted in the auction)Isn't that a rather nervy request? She says she wanted it to see if it was authentic. I declined to do so (politely) and I ended up selling to a super nice ebayer who paid immediately. How would you guys have handled that request? Thanks!:confused1:
  2. i would have blacked out the other info like cc card info or other purchases and did it. i understand where she is coming from and with little selling history, it is easy to doubt an eBay seller. is your FB low? i am also weary of people with hardly any selling FB.
    hope that helps
  3. Yeah I agree, I know she wanted to be safe and all but still, instead of faxing it, she could have just had you send a copy (with info blacked out) with the bag. And also, receipts are now being faked as well so to assume a bag is authentic just because it has a receipt isn't the smartest thing to do on her part.
  4. I absolutely would have done it (after whiting out the personal info). Many people can steal images of receipts from eBay....its a common occurrence....and she was probably aware of this and wanted to be safe, especially if this is only your 2nd auction on eBay.

  5. No. I have almost 300+ feedback(100% positive) so it's not like i just arrived at ebay-I've been on since 2001. Plus I sold a very expensive LV to a known my poupette seller and a few other non bags. Plus, I didn't mention it before but she's in France, and I stated i only ship to US and Canada. I just thought it was weird and was worried she might use it unethically to try to sell something. Maybe I'm just paranoid!
  6. By the way, of course I send a copy of the receipt to the winner!
  7. I don't think the request was unreasonable.
  8. I probably would have done it too because I do understand why she asked. I would be super cautious though about revealing details following a horrid experience of identity theft earlier in the year. Glad your sale went well regardless of the receipt issue!
  9. I wouldn't have done it. I would have told her that IF she were to actually bid and win the bag, I would then gladly send a photocopy of the receipt along with the bag.

    Too many people play games on eBay. You don't really know what she would have done with a faxed copy of your receipt. She could've planned on using it for a fake item she wants to sell. Why wasn't the receipt in your photo good enough for her?

    I'm glad you didn't do it.
  10. I was thinking she had WON the auction. I would send the winning bidder the receipt copy.
  11. Thanks guys for your responses. She's in France where I don't ship so it would have been pointless to do it, I was just curious if any of you had ever had this request from a potential buyer.
  12. I would have done my best to try and accomidate her. There are so many fakes out there...bags and receipts
  13. On the other hand, she could be a counterfeit seller who would use that receipt to back up a fake sale of her own.
  14. You can photograph it and edit out your personal info.
  15. The request is a little odd but I guess the buyer would of rather been safe than sorry, but I would definately white out or black out all your personal infomation.