How would you respond to a comment like this?

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  1. I was in the Supermarket this afternoon, waiting in line, using my WC Speedy 35...the lady next to me in line is frowning at my bag, I looked at her and she raised her eyebrows rudely and looked at my bag was sitting inside the trolley...I looked back at her blank and looked away ready to put my items up, and she said "why the hec did you paint your Louis Vuitton bag"? The Checkout girl is looking at me, and I was in shock, I said "sorry?" and she says "oh nothing" and rolled her eyes... I said "Oh I often get out the paint when I'm bored, but that's my business?" what else could I say she had such attitude with me?!

    The checkout girl looks at me all confused, so OK she obviously doesn't know the new LV range, I mean we don't have it in my state, but how RUDE is that! She seriously thought I painted the bag myself? :wtf:
  2. That's more of an insult to the artisans at LV. But very bizarro all the same! :thinking:
  3. ummmm yeah, we tend to paint our bags ourselves and it looks like that....
  4. It's kind of put me off using it, I love the bag and the colors, I've never had a negative comment like that about any of my bags....god I'm still in shock, I told my DH when I got home and he thought it was funny, not funny at all, as if anyone would paint their own bag, ohhh and the way she was frowning at the bag and then back at me grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. what would you have responded to that with? I always think of things I should have said after the situation has passed...
  6. I would just look at that like "Man she's dumb".
  7. Don't worry about it. She's just a jealous miserable b*tch!!!! It never ceases to amaze me how rude some people are. Your bag is hot and that is all that matters.
  8. ^^ Yeah I guess it was just really offensive, like someone acting annoyed with me because they didn't like my bag? WTF... so random and so insulting. I can't imagine making a comment like that to a complete stranger.
  9. She's just ignorant and myopic. Don't let her spoil your day.:hugs:
  10. It's interesting that she thought you did it yourself. I think it was harmless and that she really thought you defaced the bag. It would have been good if you explained to her abt it and see how she would react.
  11. ^ If she hadn't been so rude I actually would have happily explained it, but with her frowning at me and the bag and rolling her eyes and curling her upper lip, I wasn't going to kindly explain, in a way I can understand that she hasn't seen the design before as there is no LV here at all.... but even if I were carrying a Target bag that I had drawn all over in texta it's not her place to comment so harshly let alone about a beautiful bag I just paid $1640AU for! It was seriously like she was angry with me. I just hope she comes accross this design in a magazine and feels like a fool!
  12. I'm sarcastic by nature (thanks Dad) so I would've remarked that her makeup looked like it was finger-painted by a 5 year old, or something along those lines. :shame:
  13. Lol to be fair, I did find it funny. I would've just responded with "Why yes, my dear friend Richard Prince painted this for me. Do you like?"
  14. I wouldnt worry about one persons thought, i mean really what is the likely hood you're going to run into this person again? Second, she isnt anyone to you, let it go and enjoy your bag.
  15. I would have burst out laughing and asked her if she was joking! Quickly followed with advice to visit the store sometime this century. :lol:

    I don't care much what others think.. in this case, she'd probably have walked away, laughed about it with her friends, and then she or them later would have seen more of these bags and realised what a tit she made of herself that day. It'll work out in time. :yes: