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  1. Ok, so here's the story: I take my son to my MIL's every friday while I work. I was going thru my husbands phone looking at some pictures of our son, when I come across a picture of my MIL's cat sitting IN my $1000 GUCCI diaper bag!!! (a pic she sent him)

    Now, 1st this cat has long matted hair and 2nd it smells. I'm an animal person, but COME ON! I swear she did it on purpose (she does things intentionally to piss me off and its been well documented)

    now 3rd and most important: my husband has HORRIBLE asthma, we cannot stay at her house longer than an hour because he can't breathe....because she has not one but 4 cats! thats right folks, her son is HIGHLY allergic, but she HAD to get 4 cats...

    anyway, I want to confront her but my DH says I shouldn't that "its not a big deal"...I say, that bag cost me almost $1000 and she's familiar with Gucci and the cost of the bag, AND I'm bringing home cat dander in it now?!

    what would you guys do? am I over reacting because I dont like her?
  2. I would have your husband say something. She will probably react better to him than to you.
  3. I don't think you're overreacting but I would not confront her about it. It seems that the situation could quickly get heated. Maybe you could use the Gucci diaper bag for yourself and have a second (less expensive) diaper to send to her house.
  4. gucci fan">
    ...he won't, I've tried before..but thanks:smile:
  5. awesome idea! thanks!!!:tup:
  6. I'm going to have to agree with howardu09 ^^ get a second diaper bag thats not so pricey that she can stick her cat in. Obviously she doesn't care too much about her grandson's stuff being placed in a bag that a cat's been in.

    Um...her son is allergic to cats and yet she has four!?! Cmon now..what's more important - your son or some cats? I think the fact that your DH can't breathe is a BIG DEAL...but look on the bright side - at least you don't have to stay there for more than an hour!
  7. Yeah definitely get a super cheap one just for the purpose of leaving with your son when you have others watch him--keep that Gucci for your hands only! That's disrespectful, but some people just don't think. You probably won't need to say anything--when your son starts showing up with a cheap diaper bag and she eventually sees you still carrying the Gucci, she will probably get the hint.
  8. LOL, soo true!!:yahoo: I'm glad to know I'm justified in how I thanks for all the feedback! You guys rock:woohoo:
  9. I think you should definitely mention it. You would not want it to happen again. She probably thought it was cute, but you didn't think so, I would say something.
  10. I loved that line--have my own in-law difficulties, so feeling your pain!

    I agree with HowardDu09 and others. I feel you are completely justified. If someone left an expensive bag at my house and either my dog or my cat advanced toward it, I'd freak (not grab a camera!). Good luck!
  11. I would look for another babysitter and diaper bag.

  12. AMEN! (I'm definately going with the latter of the 2!)
  13. Is your MIL crazy? Whether the bag was designer or not, why would she put at cat in your baby's diaper bag?? Personally I don't care if it's cute or whatever, what if your son were to develop an allergic reaction to cats?

    I would make her pay for your bag to be dry cleaned so that you can continue using the bag, then tell her that you'll be finding someone to babysit. There's probably going to be a problem but she needs to be responsible for what she's done.

  14. we call her "crazy nana" because she is! ...and she makes comments all the time about how my son is likely to develop allergies because my husband has put the cat IN his bag, right? she's def. nuts!
  15. oooh i would be angry too! gross! but i agree with the others, don't say anything and send a cheapie bag for her to use from now on.