How would you react???

  1. Ok so I'm at a car show yesterday with my husband and my kids. We had a booth and 6 cars and several models come over and set up at our booth. OK fine, my husband tells me that one of our guys got them to come. Ok thats fine. So I go sit in my car with my daughter and I am fine until one of them decided to follow my son over to my car. My son says "Mom this is daddy's friend" I'm going what? So she says to me "hey I'm a good freind of your husbands from the shop" "He called us to come out here today" I got really ticked and asked my husband who the hell she was. Turns out they are not models they are strippers from a local club that decided to come out and cross promote with our shop. The lady that came up to me bought something from my husband for her car. Well my husband made it clear to them before hand that he didn't want them to really have anything to do with us but that they could pass out their club passes or what ever. He also made it clear to them that They were to leave me alone because I am overemotional and pregnant and would get pissed. I just think If he told her ahead of time to stay away from me and she approached me anyway against his wishes that she has alterior motives. Also introducing herself to MY 5 YR OLD SON as daddy's good friend and then to myself that way. She was trying to cause a problem to begin with. Maybe she is after him?? But I'm not worried about her in that way. She just pissed me off. And I told her off. Was I wrong to put her in her place? And tell my husband to get her out of my sight? She ruined my whole day!
  2. ummmm........I would have issues with ALL of this to begin with.Something isnt addin up.He invited them?????Does he go to said strip club?Id be asking that question REAL FAST!
    Also ...I need to add......WHy would u want to promote a strip club with your business to begin with..That seems kinda distasteful..IMHO.
  3. sounds like your DH ruined your day, not her to be honest.
    DH wasn't honest from the get go.
    Doesn't he know how you'd feel?

    No way in H&ll would my DH do this, he knows how I feel about strippers for one, but 2, he wouldn't want my DD around them and he chose to lie to you about who they were and who invite them

  4. I would be angry too. He let you think these girls were models that someone else invited when they were strippers that he invited. Also I find it incredibly odd that he made it a point to tell them to stay away from you. What is he afraid of them saying to you? Unless he went to the club and he was afraid they might mention it to you? I don't understand why he would want strippers there to help promote his business either. I agree with Jill that it's distasteful.
  5. Yes he pissed me off too. That whole thing caused a big argument, and no he doesn't go to the club, he doesn't go out really at all. I told him I thought it was trashy and that they were trashy in fact I told them all they were trashy and let them know I didn't want them there. (I have a big loud mouth). The thing is that he knew ahead of time it was going to make me mad, but he had kind of hinted at it that they would be there now that I look back. I don't know why he told me the other guy got them there because he knows how I get and he knew already I was going to be irate, he's kind of like a little kid sometimes I can't really explain it. But he should also know by now that I'm not that stupid. There are a lot of things in the past that I should have been told and wasn't and they ended up causing a lot of arguments when they shouldn't have, becuase he's afraid to tell me things, Sometimes he's stupid and I have accepted that. But I think on her part she was trying to cause trouble becuase she had been clearly told not to approach me, because it would cause trouble. And I had no intention of acknowledging her exsistence or any of them for that matter until she approched me and claimed to be his good friend, like what the hell? You don't go to someones wife like that,esp when you know damn well she's never heard of you.(Again she is nasty and worn out crack ho, He wouldn't be attracted to her)
  6. the things is. . .
    she never could have approached you if HE didn't ask her to come.
  7. DH lied to you. Big problem.
  8. Yeah I know. I don't have the energy to argue with him about it right now. He knows I'm still pissed. After all the **** I have been dealing with for the last couple months and being pregnant, I don't need anymore stress. (My younger brother was killed in Iraq in April) I am kind of at this point of where I have had all I can take and if life gives me anymore I think I'm gonna have a breakdown. He knows this I don't know why he's so stupid. I feel like he wants me to sometimes. I just want to make it through this pregnancy before I deal with anything else.
  9. eww, it is one thing to visit an occasional strip club...but to let them come into your business and speak with your family. that is gross.

    keep the strippers in the club where they belong, don't bring them out with your business

    i think hubby was way wrong, but the stripper was causing a little drama too. i'd be feeling very uncomfortable and uneasy, and look into what level of relationship your husband has with the stripper that approached you. may be nothing, but that kind of feels wrong.

    good luck, but keep calm for the baby.
  10. Yes, this is your problem, not those girls. I think it was not right for you to call them trashy; they aren't your problem. Your husband is. But I understand that you were faced with an uncomfortable situation and just reacted.
  11. sounds like she's not really to blame? she may have been told to stay away, but i can see how she and your son could've come into conversation/contact. "is that your dad? do you like cars like your dad?" etc etc.. and he could say, mommy blah blah and it would just come up.

    i think you're overreacting just a TAD.

    and you sound like my sister when she was pregnant with her 3rd (and now miscarried) child. her husband was cheating on her though.. and blatantly telling their mutual friends that he was.. like he was proud of it.

    btw.. some people need to realize (not you OP specifically, but in general), strippers are people too. just like that shop girl that people get fired for wanting to help sell you those pair of shoes, or like that waiter that accidentally spilled water on your couture dress, or that grocery bagger that put woolite detergent next to your bananas. we really shouldn't be judging a person based on what they do, or how they make a living.
  12. also, everyone knows hot chicks (face or body or both) at a car show that is predominantly male, draws big crowds = more customers/networking.
  13. I know how you feel- I'm completely hormonal and crabby and I feel terrible about how I look these days. I can imagine how you felt but I'm guessing your dh was just not thinking and not at all deliberately trying to hurt you.

    I have to agree with this. I disslike it when women call another woman names- skank, etc. Especially someone they've never met.
  14. Yes, simple but good way of putting it.

    To the OP: I understand that you are upset and I believe that in an ideal world, there wouldn't be "sex workers" of any type. Your original and following posts gave the impression that you believe and acted as if they are somehow beneath you. I don't know if you realize that you were coming off that way, but it certainly doesn't sound nice at all. They are people and you don't know what their life circumstances are. We all fall short.
  15. During my last pregnancy I had major hormonal outbursts. I recall one time I walked in the room and my dh had put on HBO's Real Sex for me because I lmao at it usually.... but I was hormonal and pregnant so I poured a big glass of soda allover him. bwahahaha