How would you react if your boss yelled at you

  1. from what i can tell... 'back then' boss' could belittle their employees with no recourse. you just kind of took it. now people have to be REAL careful about what they say and do because there are quite a few people that won't put up with it.

    of course there are still people who don't care... that's the way things were when they weren't the boss.. so they treat their employees like they were treated.

    but it's a different world now.

    i tried to tell that to my parents. when i first started this job (about 5 years ago, a couple years out of college) my boss was HORRIBLE. she was recently promoted to 'boss' and she coudln't handle the stress.. i would complain to my parents about how awful she was. they would just say "well sometimes you just gotta deal with it" and i thought "ummmm no!??! no one should be treated like that. NO ONE"

    my boss is better now but there are still some very irritating things she does. the other day she was talking to me about something and said "if people around here don't like it, then i guess they can find a new job" but i know for a fact that if any one of us (we're a small staff of 6) would quit, she would be in her office bawling. and honestly i can't wait for that day.
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    I worked for someone like that. I just look at him with a blank stare and say ok calmly. He ended not knowing what to say. When he yelled after that I just ignored it. One of my co-workers handled him brilliantly when she sent him to a meeting 2 hours early and he came back and started yelling at her. She looked at him calmly and said "at least you were early." He was flabbergasted but that is the way we handle him. I just say yes, no or ok and then do the job. OTH when it's my birthday, Christmas, etc. I get fabulous gifts from him, Hermes, beach house rentals, and many other great things. One time I needed money for something (quite a substantial sum) and I wanted to get an advance, he pulled out his wallet handed me what I needed and told me to pay him back whenever. When I was ready to pay him back he said you don't owe me anything so yeah, he yells, stomps but I just ignore it and do my work and at the end of the day I go home. I stopped letting people bother me like that.

    I want to say he does apologize afterwards though and is sincere.