How would you rate your level of attractiveness?

  1. I stayed in last night with a couple of girlfriends, and we spent the evening registering one of them on a dating site after one too many nights out ending in tears because she's sad about being single. After registering her, we went through some of the male profiles and couldn't help laughing at the fact that the vast majority of the men had classed themself as "very attractive", whilst none of the four of us last night would have picked that for ourselves. It got me thinking...are we the only ones who are overly modest...So these were the options given...which would you have chosen? :p

    Very attractive
    Above average
    Below average
  2. Gosh, thats so funny, and that sure is men for you. I have lost track of the amount of guys I know who have said they dont like so and so as they are not great looking, or not fit enough, and honestly, the state of these guys, you just cannot believe it!. But in their warped little minds, they think they are something special and gods gift to women :biggrin:

    on these profile sites, what is the purpose of putting how attractive you are? can potential datees actually choose people by picking only very attractive etc??
    just intrigued to know lol!!!
  3. Yup! You can search by a whole bunch of criteria (location, work industry, star sign etc), including level of attractiveness. My friend wouldn't let us put her any higher than "average" even though we think she's gorgeous...she didn't want anyone to be disappointed upon meeting her or looking at her photo :smash:

    I wonder how many men actually realise that if they search only on "very attractive" they're unlikely to get many results :p
  4. I think I know the site you are talking about. It's something like hotenough or something like that. There is even a site where you have to send in your picture first, and then people vote whether you can be on the site or not for dating. It is quite funny. I know that eharmony has a section that asks when considering a mate, what level of attractiveness is suitable for you. Seeing as I signed up for eharmony a while ago, I always got the fugliest guys who thought they were Hubba-worthy. I didn't go out with one person. Yes I am superficial, but when someone is 3 inches shorter than you and you like to wear 5 inch heels, I don't think eharmony knows what the hell it is doing. I cancelled my membership and demanded my money back.
  5. Is there a level above "very attractive"?
  6. How did you know?! The list actually went:

    Below average
    Above average
    Very attractive

  7. ^ lol, that's funny :smile:

    I dunno...I guess I'd classify myself as Average. DH says I'm beautiful, but that's his job ;) I dunno! lol
  8. :roflmfao: Charles, you just crack me up. They should have to think of a "level above" for special ones like you. :smile:
  9. ^^Oh, LOL. I see alwaysinvogue had found that there IS one for you...alone. Lolol...
  10. It makes me wonder if they would ever t-h-i-n-k that maybe . . . just maybe, some great girl would NOT choose them because they sound so conceited?
  11. I would probably put attractive. Not that I do a whole lot of online dating.

    Does anyone else see that google ad for Elite Online dating? They're tagline is "Wealthy Attractive Affluent" haha
  12. I would say "attractive," but I feel like it's conceited. I don't think I would feel comfortable answering that question IRL.

    I think if someone asked the BF he would give a joke answer. I would rate him "attractive," But I don't think he would feel comfortable answering the question honestly. He's confident, but he's not arrogant at all. :shrugs:
  13. I think there have been research studies that replicate what you discovered in your small unscientific sample. ;) In general, men's self-esteem about their looks is much higher than women. Also, if men are overweight, it impacts their self-esteem much less than it does for overweight women.
  14. Alwaysinvouge I have a brother I am trying to pawn off! Your friend want to move to Canada?:graucho:

    I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, I don't think I have a pretty or beautiful face but people always coment on my hair and touch it and tell me how amazing it is.
    I think we have that one thing that stands out and sets us apart from everyone else and that makes us all attractive. You could have a hatchet face but if you have amazing blue eyes that just pop someone will think your very attractive. kwim?
  15. I'm attractive..but not conceited about it.