how would you name your make up store?

  1. Hi.

    My friend is opening up a makeup store, and can't find a good, glamourus name for her make up and store. So i told her i'll ask around and see what we can come up with. If you feel like it, please give your suggestions.

    thanks yall.

    comon be creative...:smile:

    I said mojave...but then we found out its already a make up line. called mojave magic...:confused1:

    oh well. look forward to hearing from you all.
  2. Well I'll tell you what not to name it. There's a salon here called the Split End Salon. I know that's for hair, but you get the picture. Who would ever go there?
  3. Please try to avoid puns. At all costs.
  4. What about after the forum "The Beauty Bar"?
  5. ^
    I think that's a great idea. ^_^ It's neutral, catchy and informative. I think I would pick another name for the make up brand itself though.
  6. How about Beauty Bureau?
  7. I would rather sell fragrances than cosmetics, but if I had a perfumery, I'd call it either Coffret, Caitlin's Coffret or Parfum.
  8. hi all.

    thanks for the answers so far. i like the beauty bar. :smile:
  9. I agree. Puns are not good. There is a salon where i used to live called 'curl up and dry' and i have seen one, 'hair today gone tomorrow'. awful.
  10. i vote for beauty bar also
  11. I vote The Beauty Bar :smile:
  12. a salon named Beauty Bar already exists as well as a bar here in NYC that gives manicures! I think there is also one on the west coast.

    I like brands who use names that don't have obvious words in them like "makeup" and "beauty" or puns...

    maybe she'll find inspiration within her life to come up with a name that truly represents her motives for making this line/store. ;)
  13. The Fuller Brush
  14. Either Luxi or Devenir.

    Devenir is a French verb for "to become".
  15. hmmm - something that sounds really posh and fresh. I'm not a fan of Mojave because it reminds me of a desert and dryness and skin shouldn't be dry - get the picture.
    What's your friends name? DOes she have a cool last name?
    If she has a cool name that would work - think Estee Lauder, Coco Chanel or Merle Norman (I think that's just in Canada though).

    Or she could combine 2 names - to come up with something cool. Like her kids names or something.

    ooh ooh - maybe she could use her 'stripper name' - like where you take your first pet's name and the Street you now live on. ;)