how would you like your black box kelly, madam?

  1. clearly a classic -- but i thought it would be fun to see which version is the most popular, and why. so if you were ordering, what would you get, and why?

    i don't have one (yet), but in general i like the more formal sellier version, and my preferred kelly size is the 35 cm. Though i wonder whether in black box sellier i might like the 32 . . . . :confused1:
  2. know me, DQ. Vintage all the way on those Box Kelly's. I'm completely in love with mine and its a 32cm Retourne Box with Gold.

    BUT, if I were to SO it brand spanking new.........I would probably do a 28cm Sellier Black Box with Gold because I'm a shorty at 5'3".
  3. When I eventually get one, it will be a vintage/new 28 cm sellier with gold.
  4. DQ, You are very classic, I see you all - kelly all the time, but with croc, (or)box, sellier, 32 cm. and with gold hw.
  5. I love mine that's a 28cm Sellier with Gold h/w!
  6. I ordered a 28cm sellier chevre black, but am looking for a 32 black retourne. Shopmom's bag has me all gaga for one just like hers:smile:

    Forgot to say that the SO is Palladium. The 32 could be either gold or pall.
  7. 32 sellier with gold. Not that I don't love all other Kellys!
  8. I love the 32 cm Retourne kelly in box, and the Sellier in croc!
  9. 35cm black boxcalf rigide gold hardware !! I'm tall and love the size proportion. I'm even looking to get a 40cm just like it - I love 'em big !
  10. My combo would be

    Size: 28cm
    Style: Sellier Kelly
    Hardware: Gold
    Stitching: Chocolate
  11. Choc stitching on black box leather?
  12. JUUUST gimmie all the kelly happy camper!
  13. 35cm Black Box with gold hardware. :love: And yes you can def. feel a bit of downsize between rigide & sellier.
  14. Retourne Kelly in box
  15. 32 sellier w/ PH :heart: