How would you like to own Kevin Federline's resume!

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  1. It has 9 bids LOL :lol:
  2. How stupid, it's a blank sheet of paper! I wonder if it is from Cranes?
  3. That's the most ridiculous thing ever!! I can't believe people are actually bidding on a blank piece of paper!!
  4. :throwup: :sick:
  5. now, that is one stupid bidding.... lol
  6. Thats funny!
  7. OMG 11 bids, are you serious?!! LAME
  8. That actually made me laugh...very witty!
  9. I think the joke was good, I don't get the people bidding on it. I have several copies of the resume downstairs in my printer.
  10. OMG this is so funny, i guess it goes to show that you can make money even out of nothing!
  11. Ha Ha how did I know it was going to be a blank sheet of paper. 11 bids, wow:confused1:
  12. Pretty good! :lol:
  13. There are 32 bids on it as of right now.:nuts: If people don't know what to do with their money why don't they just flush it down the toilet?!:wacko:
  14. Roflmao!!
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