How would you handle this


Jan 24, 2010
I sold a item to someone on the 14th of this month he paid right away since it was a buy it now BUT, in the auction I mentioned I dont send to PO BOXes because of the size of the item, I say you must have a physical address.
I tried to contact the buyer and no luck so i refunded the money, that was a mistake, he then called me back he must of had caller id, and said he didnt see the NO PO BOX and asked if I could still send it cause it was his only way to get the package sine he is on the road allot.

I then agreed to send it to the PO BOX hoping they wouldn't (USPS) screw it up since the size.

Now for the problem , I asked him to re-make the payment since it was refunded and he said he would, I recalled him a week later and sent off emails and he sai he would but has not, How would you handle this, I dotn want to tee him off to get a bad feedback, but I dont want o be left hanging.
Any help?


Dec 27, 2009
Hmm. This is tricky. Unfortunatley, buyers seem to have all the power on eBay these days, and sellers are terrified of negative feedback. If he hasn't made payment yet, I would try to cancel the transaction on the basis that he refuses to adhere to your auction stipulations. HOWEVER - before moving forward with letting the buyer know you plan to cancel the transaction, I would contact eBay and make them aware of your special circumstance to avoid the possibility of negative recourse by the buyer.
Apr 15, 2007
I would not be comfortable shipping to a PO Box.. is this a confirmed ship to

address with paypal.. secondly, after having a conversation with ebay with regard

to these different circumstances, would follow their instructions... hope it works

out for you..


♥dreaming of Chanel♥
Apr 26, 2007
It depends on the situation and comfortable you feel with it. Is the address confirmed or did they give you another address?