How would you handle this????

  1. OK everyone, after lurking here for about two months, and familiarizing myself with this incredible company, I took the plunge and bought myself a twilly, then a scarf, then an agenda.
    I went to Venice with my beautiful mother about 3 weeks ago and fell more in love with Hermes thanks to the beautiful shop (and incredible salespeople and friendly customer service). I also visited the shop at the airport in Zurich on the way back to Boston and they were wonderful there as well.
    SO here is the issue......
    I contacted the Madison Avenue store by phone on MOnday. I finally received a call back at the end of the day so that I could order a Projets Carres scarf. TO make a long story short, the customer service was not good....very abrupt, condescending when I declined to pay by Amex, and so on......I realize much of that encounter was subjective, so I will continue to this point to follow. I received the scarf today. It is gorgeous. The price of the scarf is 325.
    I was charged 345 plus an additional shipping charge.
    Before I call, is this typical for Hermes to "mark up" if you are not buying in person, or not? I can only assume that my salesperson who I will not name was in a rush or wasn't attentive.
    What would you guys do in this circumstance? Twenty dollars isn't the issue at this is as they say, "the principle of it"
    The only reason I did not order from the Boston store is they are out of this scarf....
  2. Congrats, Amazonb, on your new scarf I love projets. Have you taken Sales Tax into account?
  3. That was what came to mind as well. Are there sales taxes in NYC?
  4. ^^ yes, although if it is going to Boston, they would have added the Boston sales tax.
  5. When I bought a bag from the Boston store, Hermes charged me the Boston sales tax, which was several percentage points lower than the sales tax in my city. $20 sounds about right for sales tax in Boston. Isn't the sales tax on a $325 scarf closer to $30 in Manhattan? It seems like that's what they charged me for my CPC scarf...
  6. I would say that you were indeed charged the Boston tax; when I ordered my CDC ring from Hermes Las Vegas, Me receipt showed that I was charged the tax of Boston plus shipping.