How would you handle this....(long post)


ASO The Today Show
Nov 3, 2006
no i know you were quoting the pp person i just don't understand what they said. oh and believe me, if you by any chance recieve the bag there is no way they can recharge you for it. you would have to out of the goodness of your own heart (and i know you have a big heart) pay for it again.


Jan 6, 2006
My understanding is that if someone is NARU'd, that you are not required to complete the transaction and that the NARU would be reason enough to dispute the charges. Also, PayPal closes the dispute automatically when they make a determination. You don't have to close it yourself. Once you close it, you cannot re-open it, as someone said above. She would be able to respond via the PayPal console, but not via email, so that part is confusing.